Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Clogged Drains & Soyaki Sauce

Well, I guess I knew the afternoon wasn't going to be easy when Ella came around the corner and said, "mom, you have a serious problem going on in the bathroom..." That comment just didn't sit well with me considering I have 2 newly potty trained 2yr olds in the house.

Me: Ella, I am feeding the babies. Is someone hurt, or is something broke?

Ella: I don't know what happened, but the water is going up in the toilet instead of down!"


Have you ever just wanted to sit there and pretend you didn't hear that come out of their mouth? Like maybe if I sat there long enough feeding the babes, that the problem would go away, never to return again?

No such luck.

Let's just say that the whole situation involved an entire pack of Kandoo Wipes, 1 flooded bathroom, 2 men on my roof with a pipe cleaner, and a check for $250.

Now that, was an expensive pack of wipes...


On a different, random note, I just bought a great sauce at Trader Joe's called Soyaki Sauce. It is really good! I could do with a little less sodium, but it is absolutely fantastic for cooking. I am going to make stir fry with it tomorrow night....mmm, I love me some stir fry veggies :). I will post the recipe later!


Mother of Multiples said...

Wow sounds like my world. thanks for stopping into my site. Looks like we live similar worlds but I have the boys and you the girls. Our little ones are both nearly the same age. Nothing is ever simple is it?

Kristi said...

We LOVE the Soyaki! It's a great marinade, too...mmm...makes me want to make kabobs =o)

Helene said...

I'm sitting here laughing hysterically because I've so been there too! It's never good when your kid comes running out of the bathroom with "Mommy, oh no...." We finally had to get rid of the Kandoo wipes because the kids were constantly using like 10 each time they went potty and clogging the toilet up. So now, they can use 1-2 baby wipes and they have practically been threatened that all wipes go in a small baggie and thrown in the garbage, not the toilet!

Kelly said...

Oh that is not fun. I imagine you would have crying babies too when you cut the feeding session short.

Leslie said...

I hope you're blessed enough to have more than one bathroom! For whatever reason, our toilet clogs often and always when my hubby isn't home. I have a hard time plunging it, which is unfortunate since we only have one bathroom!

Cheryl Lage said...

You so rock...love the quick recovery (albeit expensive) from the potty issue to celebrating the joy that is a Trader Joe's find!

You rock..and I will try the sauce! ;)

James Warren said...

I guess, almost everyone have encountered the same scenery here. Haha! Oh well, we can always expect those from kids, especially when they’re undergoing toilet training. Speaking of which, I think it’s much better if we train them with the proper tossing of wipes to the bin so that we can save from worrying about plumbing-related problems.

James Warren