Friday, April 17, 2009

Gettin' Some Fresh Air

It was so nice to get out today in this amazing weather! The girls were ready to get some fresh air and get some energy out at the park.

Here are the 5 little girls I love most, in birth order...hee hee.

Are those blue eyes I see on Kinley?? :) We think the girls will definitely end up with blue eyes, which I love! Our older girls all have brown eyes like their mama.

The babies aren't quite ready for the swing, but I thought Raya looked too funny...I love my chubby babes :). As you could see, it was really sunny, so I couldn't have them out of the shade long. But I think they too enjoyed a warm & breezy afternoon.

Now let's just hope this weather is here to stay for awhile!

Happy Friday!


Leslie said... toes, I just love them!

Kelly said...

Very cute! I'm so glad it's summer and i can also get my girls out in the sun

susanc said...

we had a similar day here too...except we are in Autumn....gorgeous

Marisa said...

LOVE those cheeks!

bass family said...

I am SO glad the weather is finally getting nice around here! We are slowly catching up after a difficult week... I will send you a message on FB soon! Enjoy the sunshine! :)