Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank You, No Really, I Needed That.

As if I didn't know my 2yr olds were coming in and out of the playground door every two minutes.

Like I didn't hear Charlotte saying, "mama, I pee peed, I pee peed mama..."

It's not like I was feeding 2 babies while trying to reason with the older girls. "Girls please go back in and play...mommy is feeding your sisters...stop screaming...stop crying...and for crying out loud Charlotte, go get a tissue."

Why would it look like I had reached the end of my rope? It's not like I was talking to the the new babies about how I need to "crack down" on the older ones, and "get control" of this situation. They really are great listeners back talk, just if they agree with every word that comes out of my tired mouth...which I have to admit, I don't hate.

You would think that most people would understand that sometimes small children can be a little unruly. Which may or may not include climbing up the net that surrounds the play area instead of climbing on the equipment it's a safety issue, but what they don't know is that it is just one of our many safety issues.

I'm positive that everyone knows that sometimes a 2yr old would rather play than tell you her diaper is full. So she ends up peeing out of her diaper and completely down both pant legs. And sometimes mom doesn't have a change of clothes...once in a while she forgets them on the couch at home...

With all the above knowledge that every adult carries around, you would think I wouldn't hear,
"your girls are cute...and they are good little twins, but geez, this situation is chaotic. You know, you trying to manage all this by's a lot for one person to handle. You sure have your hands completely full. I was always afraid I would have twins."

Haha, really lady? You do know that there are families out there with many more than this right? That's exactly the kind of encouragement I needed on this stressful preschool morning. I'll just gather all my children and head back to the shoe. Thankyouverymuch.


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Love it, Kate. Just keep smiling. Your are a great mom. I love how crazy people are--no one has an internal filter any more. :D

bass family said...

Just another day in the life! We went out to breakfast yesterday morning and an older couple held the door for us... and made the comment that our family was "just like the Duggars." WHAT? We only have four kids... they have EIGHTEEN. People are funny.

By the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a low-stress day :)