Sunday, March 22, 2009

Manic Monday

For your listening pleasure, go here. (song takes about 20 sec to start.) And while you're at it, here too. I was 5, but I remember.

Is the weekend over already!? We're off to another busy week.

Back to preschool.
Back to my feet hitting the floor at 6am.
Back to terrorizing Target while we wait on Ella to be done with school.
Back to Starbucks for some re-fueling....mmmm, Starbucks.
Back to laundry, dishes, and more laundry.
Back to the job I love :). (not that there is ever a break from this job!)

And back to potty training...wait, back up...did I say potty training?
Oh that's right, I promised that I would start to train the older twins when spring break starts, which is the end of this week, gulp!

How do you think savvy little women #2 and #3 will adjust without diapers? We will have to wait and see I guess. I can't imagine that I will have anything interesting to write about as we start into this adventure. :) I can just see myself sitting on the side of the tub feeding the babies and waiting for Reese & Charlotte to get their business done.

Pray and fast please...OK you don't have to fast, that's a little over the top I guess.

Wish me luck! Happy Monday!!


bass family said...

PLEASE let me know how it goes!! And how you do it!! We are contemplating starting the twins. I've read all sorts of advice, but would LOVE to hear from someone who actually has twins :)

Amy said...

Good luck Kate! I have been at it for about 9 months, on and off. I do think we are in the home stretch. Carys is done to about 1 accident every couple of days. She is only wearing diapers to bed and naps. Persevere!

Marisa said...

Oh... love the potty training phase. In fact I am potty training 2 also. Lucas has been a bit of a challenge, but that's ok. We keep at it. Maybe if Lydia trains easy he will want to mimic her. Have fun!!! :)