Monday, March 16, 2009

Folding, Baby Food, Patience, And A License

I can't help but think lately that maybe I'm the one with the communication problem. Am I not talking loud enough? What about "stop touching all the folded clothes" don't the kids understand? At home, and in a store. The other day my almost 3yr olds were touching every stack of clothes on a display table at the Gap. I think anxiety set in for the sweet lady working when we walked through the door...since she had probably just folded those clothes that my girls were picking up. She walked over and said as nicely as possible,

"Can I help you find something?"

I don't know if you have ever worked retail, but that question also means,

"Is there a stroller that I can put your kids in so they will stop destroying my store?"

"Is there something you're looking for?" she asked again.

Yes, I am looking for something, my sanity.


Fantastic baby food making websites:

Head on over and check them out!


She has fantastic aim. I never, ever imagined I would have baby cereal in my eye...ever. But, out of 5 kids, one has manged to have a sneeze so impressive, that it can reach about 2 feet from her face. I won't mention names, but it does sound kind of like Finley. And believe me, Gerber does a lot of good for our kids nutritionally, but it does no good for your eyeball...just take my word on that.


I try to have patience, I really do. I try to make myself believe that stuff doesn't bother me...because that is the only way I will make it through my day without...oh you know, banging my head against the steering wheel...just for example. I try to make it seem like it doesn't bother me that all the girls would jump in the puddles outside today while I'm trying to load them up for preschool...after I specifically told them not to. So now we have to go back inside because they have Mary Jane's on, which means their socks are completely soaked...and the bottom of their pants are wet. Insert, "banging head against steering wheel..."


I heard yesterday that if you have 7 or more kids, you have to get a special license to drive your vehicle, which would obviously be large. Is that true? So this means that if I were to have another set of twins, I would have to take a driving exam so I could get a certain license to drive my family around? Can anyone validate this?


I'll give all of you (and myself) a chance to pick yourselves up off the floor after passing out at the thought of me having a 3rd set of twins. Is everyone alright?
Ok, lets see, what were we talking about?


bass family said...

I am so with you on all these crazy feelings! If you figure out how to get toddlers to listen to you, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I desperately need some help in that area :)

Miss said...

first things first...the way you stop PRETENDING that these things don't bother you is to start you morning with a nice stiff drink!

(ok, I don't even really know what that means...but I am pretty sure no one would blame you!)

Also, I use the "one finger" rule with my really works! they can touch what they watn..but with only one finger! (seriously...try it. You will prob. have to remind them. alot. but at least you aren't telling them to stop touching all the time!)

also....PLEASE OH PLEAE have another set of twins! =)

Jennifer T. said...

Well, twin boys would be neat. You know, for the next time. Just sayin'.

(Thanks for the laugh at the end of a very full day! Tomorrow morning I'll be out with 15 of my youngest for flu shots, yippee!)

Jeremy and Jeni said...

Kate, that was a great post! It made me laugh out loud. Just loved it. I too try to think that somethings don't bother me and I also really wonder if anyone hears what I am saying...especially in the car!!

Membership Required said...

Oh I so have those bang your head days. I love the wholesomebabyfood site. I used a mini prep food processor and a blender for my baby food. First solid they ate after cereal was an avacado. Good fat and fiber. just peel and mash with fork.
So you are already talking another pregnancy I see. I wonder what the odds would be of you having another set of twins. I have heard that the odds go up of having twins after being a certain age and having X amount of pregnancies so Hmmmmm I wonder what your odds would be. Oh but how nice a singleton would be for you to end it with.....that is if you are ready to end. But heck your first was one why not want the end to be one too. Special baby(ies) up in heaven waiting in line for you no doubt.

Laurel said...

First of all ... while the odds supposedly go up to have another set of identical twins ...

... if you already have one set (or two)
... the more pregnancies you have
... the older you get

I am here to tell you that I had 5 babies after my twins, (for a total of 10 pregnancies) and they were all one at a time. And, the last one was born the day before I turned 40. :)

Secondly, I took my 6 "babies" under 7 years old to a craft store ... kept reminding them not to touch ... and my sweet kinesthetic, active, A.D.D. 6 year old son finally, politely said, "Mom, why do you bring me to a store like this if I can't touch anything?" Great question!

And, last, but not least ... you do NOT have to get a special license to drive a BIG family van. We outgrew our mini-van in 1990 and have driven a 15 passenger van ever since. The special license is to drive a 15 passenger van IF you are working for a church, a school, the Boys & Girls Club, etc... NOT for your family.


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