Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Question!

I was putting together a post today about questions that I have received from some of you readers out there. I wish I could meet you in person, we would have so much to talk about! I was answering one of the questions when I realized that I had more than just a short answer for this called for it's own post. Please know that I know some moms have to work outside the home, every situation is different with it's own demands. I don't think it's bad for a woman to have a career. These are my convictions as a mom. And hey, you asked it! Opinions may not be the same, and I totally understand that.

All these little kids must be really expensive, How do you afford it?

For the record, no, I'm not offended that you would ask. I am actually so glad you did! That is always the concern on every ones mind when you find out you are about to get thrown into a large family. And remember, we are a big family, not a huge family, I get a lot of encouragement and ideas from women who have twice as many children as I do, and I love reading about how they financially manage a huge family. It is strapping for us right now because of diapers, checkups, new little clothes every 3 months :), etc. It's sooo normal to question how you will do it. Let me, let you, in on the way our family is managing the many needs of our 5 young children.

We are your typical young family. We live in a normal home, drive less than new cars, and I am a crazy, relentless, deal finder. I am your mix of loving cute clothes, but love finding them at kids rummage sales, and on clearence racks. We save any way we can. We don't go on huge family vacations, I don't drive that brand new SUV that I love, and I really do love, love, love a good sale. Now don't get me wrong, I do splurge once in a while on certain things. I love me some babyGap for my girls, and I am a huge believer in the "perfect jeans." I will pay the extra dollar for the perfect pair. Oh, and shoes. There is nothing like a great pair of stilettos with the perfect pair of jeans. Anyway, on with the budget stuff.

Eric has a good job, and is a very dedicated worker. He works hard to provide & meet the needs of our growing family. Seriously, I feel like any company would be lucky to have him. He has a vision for our family, and wants the best for his girls...and for that, I am forever thankful. Sorry, had to brag on dad a bit. We "make it" because we make it work. Sure, we may not go on those fancy vacations, I don't buy memberships to amusement parks or zoos, but my girls spend day in and day out with their mama, and there is nothing that will ever replace that. Will they remember seeing giraffes at the zoo, or being able to stay in their pj's all day, running through the kitchen playing "red light, green light"? I can't even tell you how many days we have "vegged out", and watched Cinderella while I cleaned the house and folded laundry. These are the days that every parent talks about. The days that will be "gone before you know it."

Would another income help this growing family? Heck yes it would. Would we be able to do more, join more, buy more? For sure. But is it worth my children being in someone else's care, where that person would watch the "firsts" that I am supposed to be there for? Absolutely, positively not. I would never, ever, for anything, miss this sweet time that I have with my girls. I can work later, they are little now.

So how do we afford it? We just do. It is expensive, but God provides, and He knew the plan before we did...what a relief that is. I am forever thankful for God's blessings in our lives...and I know that God never intended for every season of our life to be simple and easy. Praise The Lord for His Sovereign planning. Embrace what He is doing, even if it isn't is always for a reason. Our Jesus is loving and comforting, He knows the plans He has for us...and our many small kiddos...

Oh, and again, I am truly the queen of run-on sentences...oh well.


Tina said...

I am not quite caught up to you, I only have 3 kids. People ask me how we manage with so many too. It is crazy. You are honestly not a huge family.

Anyway, I tell people who ask that it would cost way too much to pay for someone to care for all 3 of my kids not to mention sick days and so on. So, working out of the home to earn a second income would not help our family at all.

However, I do work from home so I can help bring in income but the kids are right by my side. I have worked through very sick children and me being sick as well. Good luck with finding more deals. I am a horrible bargain shopper and coupon user! LOL

EH said...

Great Answer! Too many people would rather have the second income so they can 'afford' more than spend less and take care of their own children. I'm not trying to start an argument with those that may read this but I do believe in raising the kids God blessed ME with.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I think it's great that you guys have a vision for your family and are committed to it. We want to raise ours more the way it used to be (before the Industrial Revolution) :). As a family who works together. We're getting there. Right now I have to work out 2 days a week while we're growing Ralph's business. The blessing is she's home with Ralph. We treasure our days home together as a family. Ralph is working hard but most days he's here to experience things with us. I think the best thing any family can do is decide what their vision is for their family and work towards it. Kudos to you for doing that!

mandbrid said...

This was a great post...I too feel like I'm giving my kids more by staying home with them. Sure, we live by a strict budget - but I'm here for them. I wouldn't change a thing.