Thursday, December 6, 2012

A List...

Because lists are fun.

And efficient.

And great when you can't form full thoughts. Yes?

- So we've been hanging out here and pulling out more Christmas stuff. The more lights in the house, the better in my opinion. Makes me feel warm and cheerful and like warming up some hot cocoa.

- Lincoln has started closing his eyes when I tell him "No". I think maybe he thinks he disappears or that I can't see him? Either way, its cracking me up while I'm trying to discipline. Little stinker :).

- I am currently hooked on the show Nashville. I actually have started downloading the music from it, and the song "For Your Glory" is so great. Worth your download.

- I appreciate that lots of you are doing Elf On The Shelf, but the pics on the social networking sites are a little over the top, yes? Besides, I have trouble remembering to be the tooth fairy, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't remember to stage a pillow fight or such for a mischievous elf.

Not to mention that I don't like puppet-ish things, so he freaks me out a little.

- We got matched with a Foster Care worker and she came over last night. So we are officially on the "vacancy list" for a child :). Woohoo!

Although I may have mentioned before that I like a plan and to know whats coming? Yea, not so much a characteristic of the ol' foster care system.

So we wait.

Pray for me. And my patience. And pray for those who live with me while I work on my patience.

- I want to order this from RedLetterWords for the older girls room. Isn't it so great??

  Love that.

- Today the girls were playing "I spy" and it went something like this...

"I spy somethiiiiiing grey."
"Mom's hair!"

Nice. I may go to bed at 9pm these days, and my bladder will never be the same after that last c-section, but the grey hair hasn't shown up yet! Cut me some slack!

- Those girls make me laugh. And smile. Love them.

So that's about all for now. I know, super interesting :).

Hope you all are having a great week!


Kelly said...

A friend sent me to this blog and I've enjoyed theist couple posts! We have 3 biological boys and have been doing foster care about a year and a half. And first, the not knowing made me crazy. But now I look forward to the next placement wondering "what in the world we will do next time". It's the most fun of faith adventures. We are set for our first adoption in 12 days! Looking forward to more posts on foster care! I bet you don't sit vacant long.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

So glad you came by! Congrats on your upcoming adoption, that is so exciting! I'm hoping we don't sit vacant for long, my heart is anxious to get started in all this :).

Dianne said...

Congratulations on your vacancy! my 21st placement is my first tiny baby and "they" are moving her tomorrow to another home to be more convenient for them. My heart is being ripped out. :( 3 weeks was nowhere near long enough to love on her. All 6 pounds of her. She may not make it to bed tonight- I may have to snuggle her until pick up time. :)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thank you! And I'm am so sorry about them moving your little babe :(. I think its perfectly normal to snuggle that sweet baby all night tonight :). Hugs to you, friend!

victoria said...

I think you should make your girls tees of that statement....pretty sure I will be taking it for one for my 3 year old! I love the idea of it on the wall but there are great ways you can do it yourself too, did you know that fabric can be ironed to the wall?! Or you could do it on a piece of canvas so it could be moved. Glad to share this adventure with you!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Love that idea! I'm going to look into that :).

jenny said...

Love the list rundown! SO glad you have a foster care worker now....praying for a speedy placement!! Love that sign for the girls!!