Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Some Words

I told myself I'd be in bed 2 hours ago, but that never happens. The quiet house, the sleeping kiddos, and the fact that I can actually hold the remote, it all makes me want to sit and soak it in for a few hours.

I have stay-up-late-itis. It's a real condition.

(Not really)

We ran some errands today. I took the younger kids to the camera store and to the grocery. I actually got all my stuff to the checkout at the grocery and went to grab my wallet only to find out that I DIDN'T HAVE IT. Don't ya love when you do that??

I took the crew out for ice cream after school - I do it every couple months. I just show up and grab them before they hop on the bus and we go get some goodies. For a moment I feel like the "cool mom".

It's like my 15 minutes of fame.

I also bought a bag of bean bag filler today. And if you've ever done this too, you know where I'm going with this story. These are little pieces of out of control styrofoam, my friends. They hate me. Don't try will regret it. Just buy one that's already filled.

Trying to fill it yourself is unnatural and inhumane. Us normal folk weren't made to fill the bean bags. That needs to be left to the professionals.

So anyway, we spent the evening at home and stayed up a little past bedtime because the girlies don't have school tomorrow (conferences). I watched my recorded episodes of Nashville after bedtime, please don't judge me. I'm a little hooked on the show...and by hooked I mean ADDICTED.

I can't help it, Tami Taylor is back, ya'll!

Tomorrow we are going to soak up the cool but sunny weather and hopefully burn some energy off in the backyard.

I'm off to try and catch a decent nights sleep. This was a lot of rambling, wasn't it??

Till later!


Thoughts for the day said...
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Thoughts for the day said...

Left a message with spelling errors, oops, need to slow down myself or wake up.
It is OK to spend quiet time watching mindless tv, yes you will pay for it the next day but it is good for you to relax. ALONE.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

It's so good to hear that from another mama :). I love that time at night, it's just nice to refuel a tad!

Victoria said...

i am really liking nashville too!! i adore connie britton :)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I do too!! Love her as an actress :).

Angela Moore said...

Good for you! We all need our "moments" when we get recharged and we can just be US. Even if it's only for a little while.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

I love me some "Mama Time", too. Mindless t.v. or movies are just fine.

I launched a new ministry blog this week:

and linked you in the sidebar under

"Favorite Mommy Blogs". :)

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!