Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Good Kind Of Busy

The leaves out back are absolutely beautiful.

I've been soaking up the Fall weather these last couple weeks with the kiddos when we are all fever free for a moment. The sickness is still here, Kinley and Raya have high fevers. I'm telling ya, in a houseful of little's, these bugs spread like wildfire! Poor babies! I've been coughed on and dry heaved on and leaned on as the fevers rip through those little bodies. All duties of the mom job.

This past week has been one of those weeks when you feel so out of touch with the rest of the world. I try to catch up on things, but honestly, there just isn't a lot of time outside of the kids. I am full with them...

and full with him...

and hopefully, eventually, full with another one(s) that my heart is so anxious for.

I know, I know, I shouldn't let myself go to that place when we all know that there are no guarantees in foster care. And I know I should guard my heart as we embark on this indefinite foster to adopt journey.

But sometimes putting your heart out there is the only way to fully take in what God is teaching you.

We haven't really overloaded our schedule lately, it just turns out that raising 6 kids keeps me busy a lot of the time. Who knew :)!? Embracing our full house has left little time for other things these days. Me time is rare, but I am thankful for these little gifts that fill my minutes. I see that I am most content when I am wholly invested in the kids and this calling He has for me - not looking for other things to fill me up. This is where I belong right now...this is my season.

Right now I have time to sit on the bathroom floor with a croupy kid while the steam from the shower calms my her cough. I have time for 5 nights of soccer and swim team, and time that my older girls need my attention and direction on a deeper level. I now have priorities that I thought I cared so much about that have taken a back seat to motherhood.

They need me. Way more than I need anything else right now.

Being a mom is a time consuming and selfless calling that we will look back on someday and wish for days where they could be little again. Someday we'll have all the time we could ever hope for (as in, maybe we'll actually pee alone). But right now we're in the foggy season of parenting where you don't remember who got up with who in the middle of the night, and when you wash your hair twice in the shower because you keep forgetting if you've already washed it.

Seriously, I'm low on shampoo.

We're busy, and most days we're left trying to catch our breath, but it's beautiful. Hidden behind a half dozen miracles. Buried under a houseful of laundry and giggles and grace.

Thankful for this full life. Although I'd also be thankful for a mini vacation here and there. For real :).

I'm off for now. Till later, friends!


Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

Lol, I have trouble remember if I've shampooed or conditioned and I ONLY have 1 teen boy so don't you go thinking that issue is ever going to go away girl! The girls look so sweet and gorgeous. I see in the (near) future some lovely young man wanting to imoress and be good friends with you. You are always in my prayers. He loves you.

Thoughts for the day said...

Your children are so adorable especially that little man, wow. take care and remember ONE day at a time and sometimes it is one hour at a time. God will give you strength to press on.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thanks, they are pretty sweet kiddos :). He does always give us strength, so thankful for that!

Robin Kramer said...

I loved the shampoo line! You speak the truth. (I also occasionally start with the conditioner instead of the shampoo....)