Friday, October 19, 2012

I Promise I Won't Start Decorating Yet

But if you know me, you know the holidays will eventually bring out the festive side of me.

I might as well wear ugly Christmas sweaters from late November through January.

So anyway, last night I came across this Christmas pic of my little man from last year...

Is there anything better than baby feet?? And combined with Christmas lights?? It's like hitting the holiday jackpot.

It made me kind of excited for festivities and decorations and MUSIC that are coming soon!

I know, Halloween isn't here yet, I'll try to resist the urge to rush into it :).


Marisa said...

I have to admit I hate seeing Christmas stuff in the store already...but I love your enthusiasm!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

It is early, but it always makes me smile. Love this time of the year :).

Lindsay said...

I'm with you Kate. I looooove the build up to Christmas and can hardly wait to bring out the music and decorations!!