Friday, August 17, 2012

90 Days Of Summer

90 days of memories.

Summer is dwindling for us, the older 3 girls will be starting school on Tuesday. I can't for the life of me wrap my mind around the fact that I have a 3rd grader and two 1st graders.

Ella is using words like locker, and study hall - and I'm reminding her of the 8 things I want her to remember and telling her stories of back in the stone age when I didn't have a locker till middle school. She asked me the other day if they had phones when I was young.

Nice. I'm only 31, sister.

These past 90 days have been rich. They have been a breath of fresh air a midst the chaos of mothering. The time in the sun and at the pool and on the couch watching the Olympics till way past bedtime has been a gift. The Summer flees so quickly, doesn't it??

Charlotte waved at me from the diving board last week, she's so proud - and I wondered how many more Summers the girls will do that. Before I know it, they are laying out in lawn chairs with their friends instead of eating pb&j's with me.

Mine will be the one's in the modest swimsuits, btw. You don't want to get me started on the teeny swimsuits that the teenage girls are wearing, do you??

One of my favorite memories of the Summer was when Reese told me that she noticed that the notes from the tooth fairy were in my handwriting. Busted :).

Raya's hair has started to finally grow beyond that toddler stage and Kinley's spiral curls have soaked up the natural highlights that the sun provides. My sweet Lincoln has introduced me to the land of busy boys, and taught me that sitting down at the pool is a thing of the past.

Or in general. Sitting in general is a thing of the past.

Look at those guns.

He's running and climbing and pushing the trash can over. And there's also the bathroom problem where he squats down and looks under the stalls while I'm helping the girls.

Makes me laugh now, not so much though when I'm in the moment :). Love him.

In these past 90 days He has shown me that it is so important to embrace where you are and to embrace your unique journey. This Summer I think I struggled with doubt and comparison and fears of what people would think as God confirmed in my heart that we were going to grow...again.

But then I remembered that its not about me, or about them, it's about Him.

These 90 days have been SO fun, but I can all the sudden see Fall and spice lattes and pumpkin patches with our crew on the horizon and it makes me smile. I think Fall is a close second to Summer for me, I absolutely adore it.

So when can we start baking pumpkin goodies and break out the harvest candles?? Kidding. Kind of.

Hope you all are enjoying the end of Summer!


Anonymous said...

Regarding Tooth Fairy notes in your handwriting.... I bought letter stampers - that I use to mark their gifts from Santa.. This way they are not in my handwriting and I won't get "busted". Maybe something like that from the Tooth Fairy?

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I thought of doing that, or maybe writing with my left had :). I was just in a rush that evening and the 6yr olds caught it, nothing gets past them these days :)!

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

It's a lovely warm sunny day here in Northern Australia. Your post sparked a tinge of excitement as we head into our summer. Our last few 'winter' nights have been warm enough to sleep without the quilt. I love these days. Do the kids really get 3 mths holiday from school? Here they get 2 wks at Easter, June and Sept then 6 wks at Christmas - our summer. I wonder if the US kids have times when they hate school or does that big long break make it not so bad? Enjoy your back to school & all the excitement it brings.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

They definitely have times during the year when they are ready for a break :). But they get little breaks here and there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then a week in the Spring. Summer isn't really a full 90 days I don't believe, but it's from roughly the first week in June till the end of it's a really nice break with all the warm weather we have during that time.

Jamie said...

Lincoln has gotten so big!! Summer goes by so fast!

Amy said...

Oh the bathing suits! Carys asked me when she could wear a bikini. My respsonse, NEVER!!!!!