Monday, March 5, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Bites, And Other Things On Our Monday Checklist

1. Do 324 loads of laundry.

2. Exaggerate a tad on number one.

3. Make Frozen Yogurt Bites.

They are super easy and a gigantic hit in these parts. Just drop little bite size portions of yogurt on wax paper and freeze. Lincoln adores them as well. Watch out though, they melt in your hands quicker than you think!

4. Realize at 10am that I have hardened grape jelly in my hair from breakfast.

5. Make a memo to wipe off sticky hands after breakfast before they come anywhere close to my head.

6. Turn the living room into an art room...

7. Find and hide all the scissors cause apparently we have a hair stylist in the family. She's given 2 cuts in the past week.

8. Demolish the toy area...

9. Wear the children out by having them race each other around the couches.

10. Repeat number 9.

Phew :). Mondays are always a good time, right?


victoria said...

Could we have some pictures of the stylist's work! And you did WAY more then me, though we had a 2 hour delay b/c of snow which always messes with a day!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Ha! She did do an interesting job on the hair...I guess thats what happens when I turn my back for a minute!

Jenn said...

ahh, the toy area is not's just played in!

After spending WAY to much time picking up toys, or "supervising" my 3 year old picking up toys, we decided the toy room is just that, the toy room. A room FULL of toys. EVERYWHERE. It's not worth picking up (unless Grandma is coming over!)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

You are so right, Jenn! The playroom should always look like that, right :)??

Thoughts for the day said...

Just looks like a busy household full of little happy children, you can't have it perfect. Have a wonderful week.

*Katy* said...

how fun! and I totally have to go make those yogurt bites! G will probably love them-he loves yogurt :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Was this last Monday? Apparently, I'm frozen in time. :) #1 is not really an exaggeration. Sorry about the stylist! Hopefully she layered it well!
Excited to try the yogurt bites!!! Now how about figuring out how to dehydrate them like those expensive ones from Target!?!?