Friday, January 20, 2012

Sleep And Other Things That Don't Exist

1. Sleep.

At least not an uninterrupted full nights worth. All the kiddos sleep through the night, a full 10ish hours. But lately it seems that someone is always sick, throwing up (on my side of the bed), having a bad dream, up to use the restroom, etc. That's ok though, I always try to remind myself at 3am that I can catch some zzz's later, they will only let me rock them back to sleep for a short while. Right??

2. Using the crockpot too much.

I love that thing. And it has come in handy lately since the neighbor kiddos often stay here as well...

I've got some new recipes I'm going to share soon!

3. Self control when it comes to Valentines Day candy hearts.

Some hate them, I love them. However I decided lately to kick the candy-sugar habit. The conversation I had with myself about it went something like this...

"I'm giving up sweets.

Well, maybe I'll let myself have something on the weekends.

Alright, I'll allow myself one treat 3 days a week.

Fine, I can have one sweet every night after a long day.

Never mind, I'm back on sweets."

It was a stressful convo.

4. Hearing Lincoln laugh at this gear-toy-thingy...

Anyone else have kids that looooved the gear toy??

5. Clean floors.

I had forgotten when a baby starts crawling they eat everything off the floor...its like a constant reminder of how dirty my floors are! Wait, did I mention that Lincoln is crawling?? Well, he is!! He is like a human vacuum, though. For real. I have to follow him all over the place...he's wearing me out :).

6. Cheeks that are too chubby...

Speaking of the little guy, he's got some squishy cheeks that get loads of lovin'...

Don't you just want to reach in there and squeeze them :)??

Well that's all for now.

Happy Friday, all!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

We're feeling you on the sleep thing too! We just keep calling it practice for this spring. The baby will come at the end of cold and flu season. The girls will start sleeping at the same time all night. We figure the baby will start sleeping through the night just in time for cold and flu season next fall. But they're only this little for a little while!

trooppetrie said...

those cheeks are too stinking cute

*Ross and Katy* said...

Who needs sleep when you have cute babies? (and lots of coffee!!)

I love those chubby cheeks :)

Julia said...

I have to say, you've been hitting the nail on the head lately! Loved your post about school, seeing as alot of my friends home school and it seems to be the thing to do but we don't.

Love the whole dirt on the floor talk. Because mine are never clean and everywhere you look they are clean! I appreciate how real you are! Keep it up! I'm loving it and how I don't feel so alone!

Thoughts for the day said...

I love the picture of all the bowls lined up, in the same color of course, I learned the hard way if you have multi colors they all want the same one.
For crawlers I still believe in play pens, they stay happy and safe and mommy can relax.

jenny said...

Love those cheeks on Lincoln! He is too cute!!

Ruth said...

ALL of my kids loved the gear toy! Even the big kids still play with it. I'm busy kissing chubby cheeks too. Hmm... maybe *that's* why I'm tired?

Have a great weekend, Kate!

Lenae said...

Oh, I can't wait for my crockpot (and all our other things!) to arrive here already! So yes -- share some recipes, lady!

And our Q is a human vacuum too. Yikes.