Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be Encouraged

We are getting ready to head out of town, did I mention that? We're taking our crew to the Knoxville area for a few days to catch some R&R at a family lake house. And I use the term "R&R" loosely when it comes to our lively crew. It's a cheap getaway and we get to spend some time together thats uninterrupted by our usual schedules - its a win win :)!

(Oh, and we will have limited to no internet till the weekend. I KNOW. I'm not in love with that idea. Its good to have a break, but lets face it, I like my internet. Anyway, I have every intention to answer the school question among the others about our schedule and such when we get back in a few days :). Promise.)

(Also, I looooved hearing all about how you named your kiddos, I even read some to Eric the other night. And the fun names for the picture of Lincoln and the girls cracked me up!)

As I was packing yesterday, and stressing about packing, I was chatting with a friend about the ins and outs of the week....and the ups and the downs of our day at home with the kiddos. When days are long we often text funny things back and forth about our madness, and how we are so glad to have the encouragement of each other and other moms walking the walk of motherhood.

So it got me thinking and I decided to ask on Facebook and Twitter (some of you might have seen), "What is the best advice/encouragement you've ever received as a mama??"

I think I read through them 100 times. Here are some good words for your day from other mom's...

"Go with the flow and do what is best for your family not what someone else says is the best." -Kelsey

"Make sure to take time for yourself....." -Jennifer

"God gave your children to you, because know one else could raise them better. They are a unique blessing only you can receive." -Sarah

"This phase you're all going through? It's ONLY a phase. It will morph into something else entirely before you know it :) (And I repeat this to myself all the time!)" -Sarah

"Housework and laundry will always be there...your kids will not." -Shelbi

"When I had my first baby I had post partum and felt like I was a horrible mom and Jesus follower (wasn't having quiet times and just was struggling to trust and had zero joy) and a friend shared Isaiah 40:11 with me" He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; HE GENTLY LEADS THOSE THAT HAVE YOUNG." (emphasis mine) She reminded me that the Lord is gentle with those who have young and that His grace was abundant. It literally saved my life. LITERALLY." -Moe

"They are only little for a short while, it may feel like forever in the middle of it, but they will never need you in quite this way again." -Stacie

"Fully devote myself to my children while they are growing up, and I will never regret it. Now I have the most wonderful, mature, loving adults that God could have ever given to me. What a great Blessing they are to me." -Kathy

"Not to worry about housework because they don't remember how clean the house was, they remember if their momma was present and playing with them and doing things, those are the memories they remember... not the dishes being done..." -Laura

"Without a doubt it was this: Let your husband take care of the kids THEIR way... in other words... don't try to correct the way he puts on the diaper or how his bath and bedtime routine might be different than yours!" -GoOutMom

"Don't compare your children to others. every child develops at their own pace." -SageMom

(Amen, Amen, and...Amen)

"This too shall pass" - SarahPJs

"Not to be judgmental of other moms and not worry what people think of you as a mom as long as you are doing the best you can." -MomsInHeels

"You've got this thing! You're doing great!" -momwithaminivan

Good, right?

Feel free to share the best advice/encouragement that you've received as a mama - We all need to hear it :)!


Marva said...

When our 32 weeker twins were born they were quit sick. They had major reflux and my inlaws smoked (not in our home) but you could still smell it). Everytime they came our boys would projectile vomit. My brother's wife told me....God gave YOU those babies. Take care of them no matter who's feelings you have to hurt. I did and I still do. They are mine and God gave them to me to love, nuture and protect!

*Ross and Katy* said...

love love love those! I needed to hear some of those after a lovely 3:30 wake up call because somebody wanted to play :)

Here's the best advice I received, "It's completely ok to put him in his crib, where he's safe, and walk to the other room, shut the door and SCREAM."

I know somebody is probably rolling their eyes at my comment, BUT having had a VERY colicky baby (even the doctor commented on that!) for a SOLID THREE MONTHS (again, the doctor marveled at how long it lasted! and my doctor used to work at Johns Hopkins so he's not inexperienced!) sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do to soothe the baby and you need to do what's best for you. Being able to walk away, knowing that he's ok and then screaming as loud as you can, or having a good cry, can work wonders.

(and if somebody reads this who has a colicky baby, I'm SO sorry! I've been there! you can email me if you need somebody to complain to about it or would like to know tricks that sort of worked for us. all of my contact info is on my blog.)

Anonymous said...

This has struck a cord with me:
The days may be long but the years are short.

It has been said in other words before but nothing is more fitting!

Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Wonderful compilation of quotes! One of my favorites is so simple: "Just love them."

It covers over so much, doesn't it?

susan said...

I think after six children and 16 years of being a mother my best piece of advice to others would be ..... recognise in yourself when you are getting run down, whether that be emotionally or physically. Ask for help and say 'yes' to those offers of help. They are usually genuine.

Also, cherish those children as they are small.... it really does fly by and you DO miss it all.

Clever blonde said...

Just do the next thing. Thanks for that. Donna G