Friday, December 10, 2010

It's A Little Much, Isn't It?

Maybe just a little?

But funny, don't ya think?

Not to mention completely appropriate.

I started to tear up in the store when a friend and I were looking at the newborn boy clothes, I think at that moment it finally sank in that this is real. We are going to have a son. And I already love him just as much as I love my girls.

The hormones, are taking over.

As we looked at all the cute brother/sister shirts I told her that "I don't think I want to buy big sister shirts, I'm afraid to buy anything yet...because...well...sometimes I let myself worry that something, you know, bad could happen." I can't help it, I know I shouldn't worry. I know without a doubt that God is in control, and that He will provide that peace if I would just ask.

This was wonderful, she turned to me and said without hesitation, "Kate, even if something did happen, and those chances are very slim, the girls still are his big sisters, he's a part of your family now. Enjoy it!"

Don't' you just love how friends can bring things into perspective, when you've let your mind run away with useless thoughts??

So anyway, can you tell I worry about this little guy just a little? And can you tell me to stop!? :) I'm not the only pregnant mama that worries like this, am I?

So now I'm off to take the girls shopping...for maternity jeans. You know, ones with a band tight enough to grab onto my growing belly, and not ones that I have to keep pulling up all the time!? I'm hoping it doesn't go exactly like this jean shopping experience did :).

Hope you all had a great week! Aren't we all glad it's Friday??


Bridget said...

No, you're def not the only one with pregnancy anxiety! (For some reason, my anxiety is a billion times worse this go 'round.)

And I can't believe I never used a Bella Band before. With the other 3, I assumed it was just one of those things that was a nice accessory that I didn't really need. But when I found the knock-off "BeBand" at Target for $16, I thought, "Why not try it?" Now I have 3 and I wear one daily. I rarely have to fight with my jeans. (And I may keep wearing it long after this baby gets here!)

bass family said...

I love it!
(and I struggle very much with fear, so I know what you're saying!)

Laura said...

I struggle with those thoughts as well everytime I am pregnant. And, to be honest, I'm kinda relieved that you said something because I feel less alone and less "crazy." I try to put things in Gods hands, but the devils slips in my ear and makes me doubt... it's exhausting! Before I had the girls, I didn't want to buy anything because I was afraid it was too good to be true, like it wasn't really going to happen.. so no, you are not alone and thanks for making me feel not alone either!

Tina Michelle said...

That sure is a cute shirt!

Anonymous said...

I love that onesie. Too cute! I had the same problem the second time. I never worried the first time.

wonderchris said...

I'd say it is 100% real and natural to worry. That's what moms are supposed to do. :)

Keep the faith. I've been praying for a good strong incubation!

Sending hugs.

Good luck with the jeans shopping!

Lenae said...

Your friend had the perfect response. I hope you're able to find comfort in it -and the promise that you are being held in His perfect hands and will- when worry threatens to overtake you.

As for the little boy clothes shopping, I have the same sense of disbelief whenever I purchase something for our little GIRL ;) I used to be adamantly against a pink wardrobe, and now I want everything she wears to look like a cotton candy explosion. This is my first GIRL, people -- I'm going all out!

Melissa said...

I worried those same worries. Especially with my second. I was blessed so richly the first time around, when I found out I was having my second girl I really felt like there is NO way I would be blessed that richly again. Well I was. And she is turning one. TOMORROW. :) Can't wait to "meet" your little man.

Jennifer said...

So with ya on the pregnancy anxiety, it never goes away and then when the baby is finally born, oh boy, worry some more, lol...

Marisa said...

I think most momma's worry! Hope you can find peace and enjoy this pregnancy!

Love the shirt!