Friday, November 13, 2009

I'll Take "Insanity By The Number" for 500, Alex.

1 house that needs to be completely packed up in the next 2 weeks.

1 mom that just wants this whole "moving thing" to go away.

1 mom that is eating to much left over Halloween candy instead of hitting the gym...and is unhappy w/ her tone...or lack there of.

That same mom remembers that it's not about whats on the outside...and also remembers that she needs to teach 5 young girls that get a grip, mom!

1 husband that is needing to be at the office late...almost every night.

1 wife that is thankful for a hardworking husband that is trying to meet the many needs of our growing family.

1 couple that is tired of bills.

1 mom that is beyond excited that the Peppermint Mocha is back at Starbucks.

2 babies that are turning 1 in 3 days.

1 parent that seriously can't believe it.

1 million smiles that those 2 little girls have given us over the past year.

1 3yr old that gets away from me faster than I thought.

1 teeny, tiny Amber Alert in Target tonight for a certain 3yr old - involving many walkie talkies giving out a description of my child.

1 sweet friend that my daughter was with, safe & sound.

1 mom that cried in the makeup section of Target while she told her kid to: Never. Ever. Wonder away again.

1 more "Not - So Mother Of The Year" award accepted :).

1 much needed laughing till you cry session after that with a close girlfriend.

0 dull moments in this sweet life.

5 little girls that are a breath of fresh air.

5 loves that make my day.

1 birthday party tomorrow.

1 polka dot cake, and 5 red velvet cupcakes to pick up.

1,000 pictures that might be taken as we celebrate Kinley & Raya's 1st know how I can get carried away w/ the camera...well, or anything for that matter :).

1 mom who is so very thankful for the insanity, even if it does feel slightly overwhelming sometimes :)!


megan edelman said...

LOVED this post Kate...I've had one near scare with Halle terrifying!

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

I hope the moving goes well for you and is over before you know it!

So glad that everything turned out last night at Target... So scary! :(

Enjoy the party and the girls' birthday!

Have a blessed weekend! :)

bass family said...

oh girl... I know you are busy beyond belief, but I miss your posts! I desperately wish I could invite all five of your girls to come play at our house while you take a couple of hours to pack in peace. Just know that someone's praying for you many miles away :)

Jeremy and Jeni said...

I love it when we find you at Target!! Your girls are a breath of fresh air and we love being around them. Happy, loving little girls! Hope the birthday party is lots of fun!

Laurel said...

Walkin' this crazy life with ya!

One overwhelmed Mama, wishing that her house would sell so that she could move.

One happy Mama that had a White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha this morning.

One Mama with memories, that has lost a child or two, once or twice.

One celebrating Mama with a daughter's birthday and cupcakes today.

Laughing with you! Crying with you! Celebrating with you!

Praying for you!


mama of 13