Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Air It Out

After my post yesterday, a couple of you felt compelled to share the many ways that you don't have it together - mercy it was nice to see we are all pretty similar :)! I also got a dare to share some of my quarks. So here it is, let the airing of the dirty laundry begin...

You think I have it all together? You think my kids are always happy & smiling like you see in the pictures? You think that just because my husband and I get to go away for the weekend, that we are on the same page...or even reading the same book? Think again.

I have 4, count them, 4 loads of laundry that need to be folded, 2 loads that are still in the laundry room, and 1 load that still needs to be washed.

I put baskets of laundry under beds and even in my car when we have a showing.

I lose my temper and yell at my girls...often. Patience is something I am still learning about.

Sometimes I will bring the babies car seats in the house, but check my email & google reader before I actually get them out of the seats.

Once in a while I will serve the girls cereal for dinner, like tonight. They had Cocoa Pebbles.

I will pick up something in the store, then lay it on a shelf 8 aisles over when I decide we don't need it.

I have been to the gym zero times this month.

I wear a pullover or zip up hooded sweatshirt almost every day - with a tank top's all about the layers people. I LOVE SWEATSHIRTS.

I cook all organic meals. Unless I am at the Chickfila drive thru buying chicken nuggets.

I often have a really hard time focusing on my "quality time" with my husband after the girls go to bed - because I am so drained. Some nights I'm lucky to just ask how his day was. That needs to change.

I really do change into work out clothes/pj's right after we arrive home.

If I have jeans on in the house, the girls ask if I am going somewhere.

I load the dishwasher and the laundry machine to maximum capacity, and it drives my husband crazy.

It takes me at least 2 names, before I say the right name of who I am yelling at.

I am outgoing & talkative. Eric is reserved and quiet. 2 completely different people, but it works...most of the time.

I think facebook is like having a big brother looking over your shoulder.

No matter what, I am always forgetting things for the girls school. Books, assignments, activities. You name it, I'm forgetting it.

I hate to car pool. Car pooling means I am committed to a location until the rest of the group wants to leave. I hate that feeling.

I call my mom 2-3 times a day. It's almost strange. I have drove to her house before when I couldn't get a hold of her.

I have Ella entertain the babies sometimes while I run upstairs for a minute or do other house work. She is 5 - babysitting is clearly not age appropriate.

I don't dry my jeans completely. If you put them on while they are still damp, they quickly stretch back to their pre-wash fit.

I often tell the girls that I we don't have all the pieces to certain games, just because I don't want to get it out and deal with the mess.

I am married to a patient man, who puts up with a free spirited wife.

I can be really sarcastic...and I need to work on it more.

I often say everything is wonderful and running smoothly even when I don't mean it.

I love for everything to appear to be in order.

I am learning that it's fine for things to be a little chaotic.

And hey, I am doing my best :).

Anyone else want to share a little about themselves? You should!


Eva said...

Great post. I did that once... blog about how imperfect I am {it didn't go over that well with the readers who 'know' me.. grin}. BUT its true.
I will say though that I have changed A LOT since we started homeschooling.
-I used to sweep the floor 5 times a day and wash it whenever there were spots.
- I used put the dishes directly in the dishwasher, and fold the laundry as it came out of the washing machine.
-I used to have laundry days.. Monday and Friday
- I used to make the kids clean up the toys in the basement everyday.
- I realized last week {when my sister popped in} that there were spots on the floor and dishes in the sink ... she breathed a sigh of relief and told me it made her feel good to see me 'normal'
Hope you have a nice day.

bass family said...

I think you've inspired me to do a post like this too! I think it's actually very encouraging to know that you're not the only mom who isn't perfect. Let me just tell you, I was nodding and agreeing on almost every one of those. You are not alone! And you may not be perfect... but you are still a GREAT mom. Don't ever doubt that!

Miss said...

YEAH! I love it!

but mostly, I am super proud to call you my friend since you DONT back down from a dare =)

Krista said...

I get that moms/wives have messy houses from time to time and how it's difficult to keep up with that sort of thing. But the great things to hear were the things that have to do with your kids. It's hard to admit not being a great parent. I'm happy to know that your children get fed cereal for breakfast or that you've asked your 5 year old to watch the others from time to time (as I have asked my three year old to do the same!).

It's just great to hear that there are imperfect moms out there in addition to the imperfect housewives! :)

mandbrid said...

I love it!

Annika said...

love the post! i was laughing as i read, because i do many of the same things! i will be doing a post like this soon... i'm still trying to decide how much to air out:)

four4now said...

This was great! I need to do one of these myself!!!!

Thanks for the inspiration. :)


Trench Mommy said...

Great post! I'm laughing...and I am SO with you!

This Heavenly Life said...

Definitely inspiring :) I always feel like I have to do things a certain way or I'll be doing it 'wrong'. By whose standards though, I'm not sure! Wonderful post. And so funny :)