Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This, That, And The Other Thing

Sometimes a list is a great option, yes?

- Summer is coming to an end, and the kiddos are literally climbing the walls with boredom. We have been to the pool a million times, run around outside, had craft days, etc. But now they are soooo booored, and there is nothing to doooo. So needless to say, we're all ready for a schedule.

School starts in 6 days. I love them deeply. But it's time. Before my hair turns grey.

- It has been chilly here lately. In the morning it can be a cool 52 degrees. And you know what that means for me, right? My Fall obsession can begin. Pumpkin everything, friends. I'll try to refrain from going completely crazy till September.

- Lincoln has this bear that he carries around everywhere. But he constantly has it in a choke hold and it cracks me up. I will keep that bear forever. And ever and ever.

- A little foster update... It's been almost 2 weeks since C & A left. Feels like they have been gone longer for some reason. We did get a call to let us know how everything is going a couple days ago from a caseworker - and honestly, it wasn't good. Things aren't great where they are. The family is just so broken, and the mother just is lost on how to be a parent, sometimes I don't know how or if they will rebuild. Deep breaths though, it's all part of foster care. I really believe He has a plan for their little lives.

- We got a dog. Because we have no boundaries. And because everyone in the house insisted that we NEEDED one. I don't even want to talk about it.

He is almost 2 and part of a breeding program for assistance dogs, so he's fully trained and really laid back. He gets a lot of attention and is insanely worn out at the end of the day. You understand.

- I am almost half way through the pregnancy!! Woohoo! We have our big ultrasound in 7 days. Not that I'm counting. And yes, we will be finding out the gender :).

- Baby #7 has just starting moving around enough for me to feel those little kicks. Oh my word, it never gets old. In every pregnancy I am always amazed at what a miracle this all is. Such grace right there in my (growing) belly.

- You know one thing that has kept the kids busy lately?? Rainbow Loom. The girls seriously love this craft. They've made tons of bracelets and such. We bought our kit at Michael's. Totally worth it.

- And just in case you're wondering, Kinley's curls combined with her bed-head is still reaching all kinds of awesome.

Love her.

So anyway, that's what we've been up up lately. Nothing super exciting, but it's been a good couple weeks with the fam. We are finding our "normal" again :).

Hope you all are having a great week!


Thoughts for the day said...

You are so cute, I so pray for the little girls in limbo, so sad for them. So HAPPY for you and your new little baby what IF it is a boy? then you would have two little men to raise :o) with teddy bears choking.
Always LOVE your blog.
OH and a dog?? with dog doo?? oh my you are one brave lady.

Thoughts for the day said...
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Marisa said...

Good to read an update :) Looking forward to your ultrasound and the exciting announcement to follow. Your dog is adorable, but not as cute as Kinley's curls. Love that hair. Wish things were better for C and A.

victoria said...

The dog looks so much like the dog we had growing up that it took my breath for a moment. Can not wait for the blue/pink announcement.....the other 5 and 1 family I know added a 6th girl. I have 11 more days until school starts

Melissa said...

Praying for C & A and everyone. Wish things were better for them but we all know God has this. I pray protection over them.