Monday, July 1, 2013

Foster Care, Pregnancy, And Hormones

So Summer is keeping me super busy and away from all things internet. It has been a good time having the kids home, and we are clearly in love with the pool, as you may have noticed if you see us on Facebook.

And also this whole building a baby thing is exhausting. I had forgotten about the fatigue. I want to go to bed at like 6pm. I love bed. And sleeping. They are my favorite.

SO. I thought I'd post some news, an update on our craziness if you will.

Our foster case has been nuts these last few weeks. We literally have been limping through the past week as we have been dealing with some things with C&A. Things are rocky with their bio mom as she has disappeared to give birth to another baby, and the girls are really lashing out. So that has left us with some extreme behaviors that has turned life here a little upside down.

C was diagnosed with RAD which has been quite the experience for us. As hard as it's been, I'm still insanely thankful that the Lord has let us walk this journey and opened our eyes to the reality of so many kids who are stuck in the system. Years of neglect and abuse on a child leaves them just a shell of what a joyful kid should be. She is almost 6, and she is a handful. But behind all those behaviors and walls she has built is a broken child, with a broken spirit. We are just trying to fill in some of the cracks that have happened over the years.

You'd be amazed at how her face lights up when you say, "you are doing great today, I am so proud of you!". It just makes your heart overflow. He is truly using this journey to heal us all in different ways.

She just needs someone to say they love her on the good days and even on the bad days. Believe me, sometimes that is HARD, but we are making it work because He is carrying us through. And because that sweet little girl deserves to be loved fearlessly.

So that's that. Oh, and they adore the pool. You wouldn't believe it, their excitement about it is explosive. Makes my heart happy :).

In other news, I am sailing into my 2nd trimester with our newest love, whom I already adore. I have worried a lot due to the rocky 1st trimester we had, but everything has looked great and we have an ultrasound tomorrow to see him or her :). I think it's a girl. Or maybe a boy.

Oh I don't care. I just want to breathe in all that newborn sweetness come January.

I have had the strangest dreams, and I still have sickness, but it's all worth it. And I had a mini meltdown over yogurt the other night because I had my heart set on Mint Chocolate Chip and when it came out it was white. Now I know that seems petty, but mint ice cream should be green. It doesn't taste as minty when it's white. It's a mind over matter thing, people.

Or maybe it's a hormonal thing. Whatevs.

So anyway, that's what we've been up to. I'm off to watch a movie with the girls while Lincoln naps. (read: they watch, I fall asleep.)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Eliz. K said...

Yes, the fatigue. Oh my goodness. That was my first pregnancy symptom!

I am a mama of one (who just turned a year old!) and I have hope for many more, and I love your blog. Thank you for your honesty, your words, your hope, and love.

Praying for you and your littles.

kathygrace said...

Oh Kate! I got the best chuckle out of the ice cream incident, you brave woman! Wow! I just don't know how you do it, except HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT! God surely is carrying you thru, with the help of your lovely children! Your heart is golden!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

You ladies are so sweet, your words blessed my heart and made me smile :). Thank you so much for praying!

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

Oh, I love to hear of your adventures to the pool. I recall the fun you have each summer. I think I'm def a summer person! I just thought of you last wk and how wonderful it would be for the sweet little new ones to have such awesome summer memories added to their lives. All those little things are BIG. God is changing their future, right now with you, every moment, every thing you do. You give me glimpses of how much He loves us all. Praising him for those long warm summer days enjoyed together. Bless you

Cindy said...

When preg. with my second son,I was just soooo tired. My oldest was 3 so I didn't have several others to be responsible for but I remember just lying on our living room floor at night while he played and waiting for him to go to bed so I could go too! :)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Yes, that's exactly how I feel :)!