Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In The Motherhood

Motherhood is beautiful. And fun, and exciting, and adventurous. It's also really rough sometimes. The day in and the day out has gotten to me lately, and before I know it, I'm crying over the stove while I stir macaroni and cheese. You know those moments. The kids are crazy, dinner isn't ready, you're still in your workout clothes from that morning, and the husband just called and said he's going to be late.

I am thankful for this role, but honestly, sometimes, it can feel all consuming. I feel like I'm often just coasting in on fumes by bedtime.

Have I truly become that woman who lost herself in motherhood?

That is the age old question of the mother who's in yoga pants, with her hair tied back, breaking up a fight, and carrying a laundry basket down the stairs while a crying child hangs on her leg.

(Good news, though. Even when we feel lost in motherhood, He still sees us.)

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a mom. I've wanted to grow bundles of joy in my womb and I've wanted to have little arms to hug my neck. I asked, and He answered, 6 times over. And now He is letting us love on kids that need a family.

I will forever feel undeserving of these amazing kiddos, and I will also forever say that they are living proof of His grace in my life. Walking, talking, growing, and snugly grace.

Goodness, that's a lot of weddings right there.

But even though motherhood is nothing short of miraculous, it's easy to feel consumed and burnt out. You know what God is teaching me, though? It's ok to feel burnt out.

It's ok to feel like you want something for yourself, it's ok to feel like you need a break, and its ok to feel like you might run screaming from your house. God knew us moms would feel these things, none of those feelings surprise Him like they do us.

My people pleasing instinct is to paint this pretty picture of a life that is always filled with beautiful pictures of the kids and I sharing ice cream cones and braiding each others hair. But that is not real life. Real life is me breaking up arguments over who is looking at who, kids crying because we're not buying something out of the dollar bins at Target, floors that desperately need mopped, and a mother that often needs the biggest chill pill YOU'VE EVER SEEN.

Just being honest.

Sometimes I don't like to say all this out loud...cause that makes it real.

After all, what good mom gets burnt out? What good mom admits that she feels totally consumed by the day to day routines? What mother says she is just tired of being tracked down every second of the day? And what good mother admits that some days she just wants to get in the car and drive away??

Hi, my name is Kate, and I'd like to admit those things - along with the fact that I sometimes feel swallowed whole by motherhood.

And while we're admitting things, I sometimes tell my kids that I have to use the restroom when I don't. And then there's those times when I walk at a glacier pace to return my shopping cart to the cart corral after I get my herd in the car. And ok, I'm not really resting my eyes, I am trying to catch a quick nap but I can't because A CHILD KEEPS POKING ME IN THE FACE.


The responsibility of motherhood is heavy - you have to reach a point where you realize it wasn't meant for you to carry alone. He wants to listen and help. I think the magic moment is when you see and believe that every season and every journey is part of the bigger plan to make you who He wants you to be.

So ultimately, this mommy journey isn't just about the kids, it's about God doing a work in you as well. We are a big part of the picture even though we're often covered up by sweet little loves and buried beneath embarrassing amounts of laundry. Behind the cute kids and the perfect family picture is a mom running the household ship all day until she lays her head down at night. We are stronger than we think, and oh are we cherished by Him.

"The days are long, but the years are short." I can't remember where I read that but I know it's true. So I'm taking every seasoned parents advice that "this time will go so fast" - even though it doesn't feel that way some days.

I don't have much "me time", and my days are about serving others - and because of that, I think I'm starting to see myself clearer. I'm starting to see that motherhood is about me too, that my heart and my passions matter to Him just as much as the kids matter to me.

He's not just our God, but our Father, remember? And a Father cares about His child.

It's all grace. Messy, consuming, but amazing grace. I see now that He's using them to help mold me, as I try to mold them.


We Are Family said...

And the choir shouted a loud "AMEN"

jenny said...

Such beautiful words, friend! And these pics of the kids are just evidence of God's amazing blessings! Love them! And u!

Julia said...

Thanks for being real and honest! Love it! I don't feel so alone in this journey called Motherhood. The hours are so long, and yes, by the end of the day, I am very burnt out. Its hard to be patient while I tuck everybody in, only to find yet another one back out of bed when I turn around.

Thanks for this post! And for being real!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thanks! I can totally relate to the bedtime problem...sometimes it's enough to put you over the edge!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart!

Keep up the good work, Mama. God is doing much through you and in you!


Anonymous said...

At least you are fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom. Lots of moms work outside the home all day and then come home to the exhaustion of working inside the home... I know you realize this, just thought I'd point it out :)

Motherhood is hard for all... but SO worth it, right? :)

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Amen! It amazes me some days how much I love these girls and how unglued I can be in the next minute. God is definitely refining me through these beauties. Motherhood epitomizes what I try to teach them- just because a thing is hard, doesn't make it bad. Good things are often hard and that's good. I think the best mothers acknowledge the tough parts while considering it all worthwhile.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thanks for the encouragement, glad we're all in similar boats :). And I definitely agree, good things are often hard...true words!

Mikaila said...

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."
~Angela Schwindt (my mom)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Sounds like a wise woman :)!

Marisa said...

"We are stronger than we think..." So true. I think sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit because we tend to focus all that is left undone or all the we intended to do with and for the kids but didn't....and then remembering it is His strength that is made perfect in our weakness. And that it's OK that we don't achieve "perfection". Loved this post and love your heart!

Jo said...

you are special ! thanks for this post !

God bless you

Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful....