Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kids Take Time

We went van shopping today.

I know, you can't believe we've waited so long. I've had my reasons, alright :)?

But anyway, we drove an hour out of town with the kiddos to see a van we were sure we were going to buy, but it ended up not being what we thought. We were frustrated and annoyed so we made the best of the day and decided to surprise the babes by taking them to the infamous Build A Bear at a nearby mall.

And let me just say, what a racket. But a genius one.

On the way in Eric was walking ahead of me with two girls holding each hand, and my heart was full. I couldn't help but thank the Lord for our little detour in the day and for that vision in front of me that shows His love for us so clearly.

The girls picked out bears (within a set and strict budget) and we moved on to the other good stuff.

We stopped at the sound station because apparently a bear isn't a bear if it doesn't sing a Justin Bieber song when you squeeze his hand.

By this point we had had our normal questions, "Is this a birthday party? Are you a blended family? Are they all yours?". And we answered and laughed with other bear makers.

But there was this one guy.

He was just flat out put off by us. And worse, by my kids. He was taking deep sighs and rolling his eyes because we were clearly holding his little girl up at the sound station.

"Maybe we should move on, because clearly this is going to take awhile...geez."

And in the midst of our busyness and in the midst of a chaotic mothering season where I don't need reminders of how crazy life can be, I felt blessed by his comment.

He's right, this is going to take awhile.

Because this much grace and this many gifts takes time. Sweet, attentive, loving, and fleeting time.

So I will not rush, Sir.

We made our way through the store and headed outside and I couldn't help but feel proud of my group. We may take extra time, but that's ok because kids take time. God patiently spends time on my needy self, and through that He teaches us how to patiently spend time on those needy little Love's He entrusted to us. That's how it works.

We aren't perfect and we are making mistakes and we are learning as we go. But we are giving it our all, and we are making memories - both messy ones and time consuming ones. So I am going to quite apologizing and hurrying the kids along.

"Sorry, guy behind me. I've got kids that are excited and a growing girl that will probably soon think that this isn't cool anymore, and that makes my mommy heart ache a tad. So I'm going to take my time and add stuffing and give bear baths as long as I can. Ok? Ok!!??"

I didn't say that. Oh but I wanted to.

I pray that one day when our kids are grown and I pass the new age Build A Bear, that I will lean over and tell a young mom that I wish I could switch spots with her because these sweet, sweet memory making moments go so fast.

I pray that when I am old and gray I hug a mom in the freezer section at the grocery as she's apologizing to fellow shoppers for her kids.

Take your time, soak it up, and take in all that childlike faith and joy.

It's a gift, and it's the good stuff.


Mommy said...

I really needed this today. I have an Autistic child that is often misunderstood by strangers. There was an incident earlier this week in the waiting room at a doctor's office that's been burning through me for days.

I have a hard time reminding myself to stop focusing on the glares and sighs and other signs of contemptment and focus on my sweet boy instead. He's growing up so fast and I need to enjoy every moment - even the ones I wish I had more control over. Thank you so much for the reminder!

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

You go girl, enjoy every itty bitty moment. There all yours

Thoughts for the day said...

So true they grow up so fast and soon it will be a distant memory. Don't rush it...enjoy every moment.

Marisa said...

Good for you for turning that man's comment into a way for you to see your family in a positive light instead feeling pressured by him :) You are ahead of me in that department!

trooppetrie said...

so true, kids are a gift. so glad they take time because one day we will look back and they will be grown

jenny said...

One of my fave posts! I feel like God is continually reminding me of this lesson....that my kids are a gift even on the hard days and even when others may feel the need to judge....and that I do not need to apologize for them being kids. Appreciate u sharing. And glad that u took your time at build a bear!! Sure the kids created wonderful memories!!

Cecilia said...

Why do people have such ugliness in their hearts? Good for you for seeing positive in his words.