Monday, October 24, 2011

Things You May Or May Not Want To Know

- These 2 will be 3 in 3 weeks...

- They have started telling each other "you're my best friend". Melts. My. Heart.

- The kiddos are on the mend, knock on wood. Although little Lincoln has quite the cold that is hanging on and won't let go.

- I ventured onto Pinterest not long ago - and although I almost never get on because it can be ALL CONSUMING, I occasionally hop in there to get some inspiration. I'm a visual person and they have lots of pictures...and well, mama likes pictures. If you haven't been on, beware - It's kind of a "people go in but they never come out" kind of situation.

Anyway. I found this little thing that has revolutionized my (sometimes) messy car. (right now the husband is reading this somewhere and saying, "sometimes??") If you are the person who thought of this cereal container trash can please contact me so we can be BEST FRIENDS. Thank you.

- I took my 6 to the library.

- We checked out 17 things. Who wants to guess what our late fee will be? And why can I never get them back on time!?

- In an effort to take the crazy level down a notch during the early evening/homework/dinner time hours, I have picked up some new crockpot recipes and some easy freezer meals as well that are making life a tad less stressful. I'm going to share some soon!

- Another thing I'm working on (via Pinterest) is finding out who made this or someone who can make it - the link to the original website isn't working, and I want to get one and hang it in my living room...or dining room. Where can I get this??

- I'm planning a small overnight girls getaway for the older 3 and I :). They have never stayed in a hotel before, is that shocking to anyone? When you have 6 kids in 6 years you don't vacation much...or at all. They are SO excited for our 1 little night away! 

- Reese lost her first tooth this weekend, she was so proud! She said the kids at school said the tooth fairy is paying $20 these days. I beg to differ.

Isn't she sweet :)? Love that (really, really, really) strong willed little girl.

Well that's all for now, I'm off to get the house in order after a busy weekend! Happy Monday, friends!


Romberg Family said...

YAH FOR PINTEREST!!! :) Love that website!

Ivey League Mama said...

You can totally make that! Old boards nailed together in the back with small, long strips of wood. Paint it white. Use adhesive to attach stencils. Spray paint. Remove stencils. Ta-da! Or just shoot me an email and I'll make one for you. Although I'm not sure about shipping. That's gonna be pricey. What I can do is cut you a custom stencil and mail that to you. Much more cost effective. :-)

Victoria said...


i have avoided pinterest because i hear it is so addicting...i must continue to resist it :)

victoria said...

You could also do it in a stretched canvas using freezer paper as a stencil. And I am pretty sure I am going to borrow those words as well for my home....though my 4 in 5 years gets trumped by 6 in 6! (smirk!)

*Ross and Katy* said...

ok if you find somebody to make that-please share! I want one made too!

and $20 from the tooth fairy? I'm pretty sure that I have some teeth I can pull if I will get paid $20! I think the most I ever got was $1!

Lenae said...

I love Pinterest too! I've been pretty good about not getting sucked into it... at least not during the day. I save Pinterest for after all the littles are in bed :)

That cereal container/trash can is indeed brilliant. I'll be implementing that one soon! And I have that wall hanging pinned too. I think mine links to directions??? Anyway, it seems pretty simple to do for little money on your own... If I ever get around to it, I'll let you know how it works out!

Lastly: a girls' night out at a hotel sounds like so much fun!

Lenae said...

Here's a link to the one I pinned:

It's a little bit different, but could be easily modified to look like the one you showed on your post. Hope that helps!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Cereal container trash can? Brilliant! My new SUV definitely needs one.

Library Fines? Oh. My. Yes. I gave up on the library for many years, until one of my daughters discovered it and was hooked immediately. She, however, is old enough to pay for her own fines.

Pinterest? Scared to head that way, as I don't need an addiction that will take time away from kiddos and homeschooling. (So that's what you do while the kids are at school?)

Crock Pot? Oh. Yes. Definitely something that we use a LOT. Love the "Fix It & Forget It" cookbooks.

Hotels? What's that? We had 5 children before any of them had ever stayed in a hotel. And, even now, they are few and far between. A overnight with the big girls sounds like a GREAT plan.

Tooth Fairy? That's why we homeschool. Our kids don't know about those things. :)

Hope your week is BLESSED!!!

:) :) :)

That sign? Totally cool!

Anonymous said...

I love pinterest. Cute shots. 3 really? Crazy. That will be so fun for you and the three older girls. Hope you have fun!!

jenny said...

I need one of those trash containers in my van! What a great idea! And that picture of Reese is just beautiful! She is looking SO grown up! We did 5 dollars for the first lost tooth, and then scaled down after that. 20 is serious tooth fairy business!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Love me some PINTEREST! I try to restrict my time on it to while I'm nursing Maddox...since I have to sit still for that!

Glad everyone is feeling better! It's refreshing and energizing to have healthy little people! :)

Can't wait to hear about your getaway!

Marisa said...

Ohh, Pinterest...such a lovely little concept. It may do me in. :) Love the pictures of the girls!

Ruth said...

$20 for a tooth these days? No way! I guess I'm older than I thought.

I've seen that "In this house..." art before. I WANT ONE TOO! So when you find the link, please share?!

Anonymous said...

You can find that sign on etsy:

Or just google the first few words and you'll find it.

Kristen Lenca said...

Here is a link for the sign, but it is quite pricey...I think you could probably make a similar one as the others have suggested.

* name is Kristen and I am a Pinterist addict!

Eva said...

Kate, I painted myself a chalk board and wrote those words on it a few months back. I love it!