Thursday, October 6, 2011

My (Interesting) Day

1. We all wake up, the older girls hop in the car, and we peruse the book fair at school so we can grab some good reads.

2. I go to the doctor because rumor has it I tore some ligaments in my ankle at some point during last weeks half marathon (you know the one I did even though I wasn't fully trained??)...and because apparently I AM NOW OLD...also known as "your knees and ankles aren't what they were in college.".

3. I pack the younger 3 up and head to lunch with my mom where I realize that Raya is having an allergic reaction to something and starts swelling up in welts and big red patches.

4. I kinda freak out. And then maybe tear up a bit on the way to the doctor while she starts to get "real sleepy" as the reaction gets worse.

5. I remind myself to take a deep breath.

6. The doctor thinks that is definitely an allergic reaction and we are now on the hunt for what caused it. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully this was just a freaky one time thing.

7. In the parking lot of the Dr's office the school nurse calls and says that Charlotte is sick with a fever.

8. I get all my loves home and call in Grandma and a friend to stay with my crew while I go get our prescriptions and meds.

9. I drop off my prescriptions at Target and walk up and down the aisles while I wait. I then top off my day when I realize that my shirt that I've been wearing in public is INSIDE OUT. Seems showing down the sides, tag in back and all. I actually thought maybe I should just pop in one of the aisles and turn it over but could just hear someone over the walkie saying...

"uhhh, you know that lady who's always here with all the kids? Yea she's in aisle 14 changing her clothes. She's clearly finally gone off the deep end...she thinks she's in the fitting room!"

So I didn't. I continued my shopping trip sporting an inside out tank top with my head held high.

Please, don't try to hang out with me all at the same time. Ahem.

(you have to laugh at the craziness sometimes, don't you??)

10. I came home, fixed dinner, gave baths, distributed medicine, and squeezed my little loves.

I checked on Raya a million times through the night to make sure the reaction wasn't worse and Charlotte to see if her fever was I'm a tad tired, but that's what us mom's do, right :)?

Here's hoping for a more non eventful Thursday!


Victoria said...

oh no!! what a day, all in the life of a mom! i sure hope raya and charlotte get better asap! and hopefully you guys can figure out what raya is allergic to!

prayers being sent your way!

vwiller said...

Oh Kate....I do hope today is less eventful! AS much as you are focused on taking care of your amazing small ones make sure to take care of you! Listen to what the doctor's tell you about your ankle and let it heal!

*Ross and Katy* said...

I'm only laughing because I can see myself doing the same thing with my shirt! But it's all worth it when you have that sweet little face smile at you :)

hopefully today will go a little better and the girls will feel better soon!

Jeni said...

Are we the same person because I have some clothing problems like that too, or the occasional treat stuck to my butt left on the chair by someone.

Yes, you have to laugh!! It really is funny :) Miss you.

Sarah said...

Oh man! Such a busy day. Glad they are okay. Hopefully her reaction was just a one time thing.

Tina Michelle said...

Oh you sweet girl! I hope the girls are feeling much better by now! That sounds awfully scary to deal with an allergic reaction. Are you so proud for making it through the race though? Sore, hurt and all? That is some accomplishment!

susan said...

Sounds pretty darn average to another mother of six....... *wink

on a serious note I hope you have figured out the allergy??