Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back To School Baking

I have been thinking about doing some "Back to Preschool" cupcake baking with the girls, to just add to Ella's excitement. I know, baking cupcakes with two 2yr olds? I'm fearless that way. I found these darling cupcakes here, and we are going to give it a shot. The recipe doesn't look to daring, I'll have to keep in mind that ours might not look exactly like the picture :). Here's the recipe:

Yellow, green, and white frosting
Red Skittles or M&M's
Small plastic bag
Rubber band or twist tie
Chocolate-covered graham crackers
White Good & Plenty candies

1. Cover the cupcakes with yellow frosting and allow them to sit for an hour before decorating. Dab each red Skittle or M&M with a bit of green frosting for the apple's leaf, then set them aside.

2. Put a tablespoon or two of white frosting into a small plastic bag for piping. Cut a very small hole in a corner of the bag, twist the top of the bag closed, and secure it with a rubber band or twist tie. Piping the frosting gently out of the hole, write messages on the chocolate-covered graham crackers. Leave space at the bottom of the cookie, where it'll be stuck into the cupcake.

3. Cut a groove in the cupcake's frosting with a knife, then fit a blackboard into the groove. Add one Skittle or M&M apple and a piece of Good & Plenty chalk, as shown.

I'll be sure to post the outcome of ours, I think we will do it tomorrow or Thursday. Happy Baking!!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Good luck! Looks like fun!

jenny said...

Good luck on the cupcakes....we didn't get this adventurous on the cupcakes that we made at our house. You are brave and they will be super cute. Have fun!!!