Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Round Up

Ok, this is officially the longest I've ever gone in between blog posts. But I think we are finally starting to surface after a busy couple months and a handful of curve balls :).

You know those seasons when you start to forget the last time you had a full conversation with anyone over the age of 9? Well we are there. Anyone else there too? Awesome. Let me just give you a hug and remind us all that someday far, far away the children will grow up, we will surface from underneath the laundry pile, and we will frolic in our new found freedom.

(No we won't.) (Yes we will.)

Ok maybe we'll "miss this stage" just a little :).

I know. Her hair. It's magical. Advice on products for insanely curly hair is welcome.


I have been loving time with Lincoln in the mornings during preschool. Like, really loving it. Soaking him in and playing one on one, it's been fun and a much needed season for us. Kinley and Raya love preschool, they are at the same place A was at last year - which has been hard on some mornings when my pregnancy hormones are in complete overdrive.

Life after a long term placement has proved to be interesting. Which I think is why I seem to be flying below the radar lately. I'd like to answer this foster care question that I've gotten a lot recently, "How do you give them back and how do you let go after so long???"

The answer? You don't.

You never let go of how you loved someone. My heart will always have a place for those 2 girls, the ones that literally rocked my world for almost a year with good times and reeeeaaallly hard times. There is a part of me that will always feel like their mother, and there are times when I want to see them really bad so I can just make sure they are ok. I've had days when I wanted to stay in bed all day because the situation they went back to haunted my heart so deeply - thankfully, I had sisters walking me through it who spoke truth and reminded me of His faithfulness. We really feel at peace with what happened, and even though I worry about them and I have my moments of "what if's, and should have's, and could have's", I feel that everything happened just the way He intended. The Lord helps you let go of your plan and reminds you that His plan is best. But the love and the story will always be in my heart...there is no letting go of that part :).

So. That was a little heavy. Sorry about that, folks.

Moving on.


We have started throwing some names around for babe #7. And while we have a few we like, we can't come to a conclusion. Not that we need to immediately. Eric doesn't like picking names early because he says I tend to change my mind after fully committing to a name. After all, you do remember the great name debate we had in 2004, right? You don't? Well let me fill you in.

Eric thinks that I waited till he left the hospital to name Ella. He says that the other name we had in mind was the one we were definitely going to use, but then he says I put "Ella" on the birth certificate instead when he went home to take a shower.

Not true, friends. Not. True.

He does still hold me to that though, and he is still wrong. We had come to a conclusion to name her Ella, he just forgot that at some point during MY 24 hours of labor. That's my side of the story people, and I'm sticking to it.

So clearly we could always use some help in the name department. I'd love a name as strong and manly as Lincoln. Any ideas??


So that's about it. Nothing insanely exciting or new, just normal life in these parts. We are sitting outside and enjoying this crisp, beautiful weather today - I truly could not love Fall more than I do.

Back soon! And I mean it this time :).


wonderchris said...

You've been missed. I can now stop obsessively checking in to see if you've posted...for now. ;)

corgan said...

What about William or Theodore? Those are strong names.

Anonymous said...

What about Jackson?

Stepherific said...

Very Curly Hair - Use a good curly hair conditioner every time it is washed. Comb it WITH the conditioner in it with a very big wide-tooth soft rubberized comb in the tub. Rinse as gently as you can (Hand held sprayer is nice if you have one). Comb one more time with the big comb after the rinse. Dry gently with a towel, no hairdryer. Style if wanted. Never brush or comb it outside of washing it. Never use a hair brush.
Boys Names - Benjamin, Jefferson, Jackson, Harrison, Calvin, Franklin, Truman, Quincy, Adams (See a trend?)

Jeni said...

Her hair is so cute.It will be fun to see what you pick for a name :).

Johanne said...

Alexander !!! it's the best boy name ever !!
I'm not, at all, an english person (pure french), but if I was, def my boy would bear that name !

Thoughts for the day said...

We have some friends who have four boys all under 4. Yes they had a two year old and triplet newborns.
They named them Harris, Oliver, Elliot, Hunter, Very cute names.
We named our son Christopher.
My grandsons are Samuel, Josiah and Seth. What about Andrew? There are so many wonderful boy names just be sure it fits as a 'grown man'.

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Thanks for the names...its such a hard decision! Thoughts For The Day, I totally agree, it needs to be a good "grown man" name as well :).

Amanda said...

I like last names for boys: Anderson, Davis, Cooper, Grayson, Jackson, Colton. Just a few. :) -Amanda Bass

Hunter said...

I do second Alexander but also offer Emerson... Ohh Emerson Alexander... now that is a name!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Glad you're back! We are in the process of resurfacing too...although I have a feeling we will only get a quick breath before we dive back in :) I'm no good with boy names...I've only ever had to think about girls! I sure you'll pick something great though, even if you do it behind your hubby's back ;)

Anonymous said...

How about Landon? Lincoln and Landon

Anonymous said...

I just love hearing what people pick for their baby names and if there is any story behind it. I can't wait to here what you decide.

Some boys names I enjoy are Jeremiah, Harrison, Theodore, Everett, Phillip and Julian.

Erin said...

Love the names Braeson or bryden... Both just unique enough for boys but not too out there :)

Anonymous said...

I love the name Lincoln and also have always looked at it as a very strong name. My favorite boy name is Abram!

G said...

Here are some name suggestions that I love!

-Elijah (could be nicknamed Eli)
-Dax (I know this one is a little different, could be a nickname for Daxton or Daxter or could stand alone.
I'm sure you'll pick something cute!

G said...

Oh and as another poster said, I love the name Everett!!!

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

So nice to see you back and hear how you're doing. We do miss you. I like William & Alexander and a bit partial to Josiah. Thank-you very much for sharing that heavy stuff. It helped me. My J is 14, I missed his birthday this yr for first ever time. He lives with his Dad. I thought I was making a good decision because he'd always been a good Dad but he has brainwashed my boy whom I previously had a wonderful relationship with and won't let me see or speak to my boy. I havent had contact for 8 months. It's been absolutely heartbreaking and I've had many dark days. God and His good people have got me through. Having support from people who tell me the truth is also helpful. Legal process is very slow.You explained the feelings very well. Thx. Please Pray for me and my boy.

Cindy said...

My first thought was Landon as was as someone else suggested. Someone else said Micah which we have. He is 27. That name has also surfaced as a girl's name. Our oldest is Tyler which is another that has surfaced as a girl's name. So it goes. My daughter is Bethany. I DON'T THINK that will become a girl's name!

Robin Kramer said...

It's nice to have you back! So glad to hear that you're well.

Kim said...

Book you need to get: Curly Girl

You're Welcome :)

AmyW said...

Our boy is named after Mr Fantastic from the fantastic four, Reed. Not that I am biased or anything

Erin said...

It depends on how much you care about your kids having popular names. You'd be hard pressed not to find a boy with the last sound "n" and a girl with the last sound "uh" (A), and the first sound "Uh" as well for that matter.

I vote go for a name NOT ending in N (though they are charming ;) )

Courtney Phillips said...

I'm missing reading your blog. Your family is so interesting. Update lol:)

FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Haha! It has been a crazy month, but an update is coming soon, I promise!