Friday, June 1, 2012

The Store With The Kiddos

I ventured to the grocery with the kids in tow today. I had high hopes. And dreams. And ambitions. And a list.

The list is crucial. However, sticking to it is optional.

It was a necessary trip, we needed the basics and few things we just can't do without. Like coffee. Remember when I gave up caffeine? Well, I lost that fight.

As the kiddos grow and become more adventurous, I have started to appreciate my quiet nights when I go to the store after bedtime and wonder the aisles alone. It was easy when I could dish out goldfish or a pacifier, but now there are questions, wants, neeeeeeeds, the touching of all things glass, and incessant talking on a shopping trip.

We're like a traveling slumber party :).

They said my name 29 times in the car during the 11 minute drive. 29 times. I counted. Only a child can do that, it's a quality that is unique to their species.

As much as I love Target, I swear that red bulls eye sends a crazy surge through the kids. It's a conspiracy. The more rowdy they are, the more mindless shopping I will do.

Hence the problem of going in for 8 things and coming out with 30.

I like to think I know them really well, but there are some things about children that will always remain a mystery.

I'll never understand why they have to touch everything, open every freezer door, or why we have to talk (loudly) about tampons from the moment we pass the aisle till the moment we check out. The 8yr old, has SO MANY questions - that I can and will answer when we aren't in the company of the young stock guy who is filling the shelves.

And speaking of shelves, Lincoln is freakishly good at clearing them off from the front of the cart. He'd be unstoppable on the game show Supermarket Sweep. Remember that? Is it odd that I loved it when I was younger? Maybe a little?

Kinley carried a donkey pinata through the whole store. We weren't buying it, but she looked so stinkin' cute carrying it, so I didn't fight it.

Across the way I see a fellow mom lean down and say something through her teeth to a child that is dropping popcorn on the ground and then stepping on it, and I smile and nod. The mom nod, our secret "I understand" notion to each other.

I pass the arts and craft aisle as quickly as possible, as in it's just a red blur as you see my cart zoom by - because the kids looove that aisle. And as much as I would like to pretend that I am that mom who lets her kids pick out craft supplies so we can make happy-best mom ever-craft memories together, I don't. I try to, but it always ends up like this...

These days, I like to stick to activities where I don't have to hose them off in the backyard or mop the kitchen afterwards.

And alas, the cart is full, we are at the back of the store, and someone has to pee. Friends, this is when society takes me out of the running for Mom Of The Year. I bend down to my 3yr old and say,

"If you really don't have to go, and you're just wanting to check out the bathroom (because isn't that always the case??), I'm going to go off the deep end."

To which she replies, "Like the deep end at the pool?? Cool!!"

(sigh, someone please escort me to a room where I can scream freely for a few minutes.)

"Yes, baby, kind of like the pool." Only a child can remind you that your attitude could use a good laugh and some patience. I think God puts those innocent statements in there to remind us how little they are. Always grace, even when they are exhausting.

So I remind myself that He only asks me to do the next thing, and I take a deep breath and carry on with my sweet crew.

And then I quietly pray for some free time to go by myself next time :).


Mama D’s Dozen said...

Love it!

Oh the memories it brings back.

Yes . . . quiet shopping nights ALONE can be amazing.

My craft projects (or lack thereof) were certainly what kept me out of the running for "Best Mom" award.

Hugs! Keep up the good work!

Laurel :)

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

My kids spilled popcorn eVerYwhERe at Target last week and I found myself thinking of you and how you always joke about it. Promise. I didn't feel so upset then and the people "trying not to pay too much attention" didn't bother me as much. Thank you. :) (We also had a back-to-front bathroom break thrown in to keep that trip really fun. Sigh.)

Sarah said...

I took my four to the grocery store yesterday and emerged feeling like it should be an olympic sport!

Thoughts for the day said...

What is it with kids? my granddaughters who are 8 year old twins still have to go to the bathroom where ever we go.
Gadd it drives a grandma off the deep end too. I will say,"You just went...if you have to go that often maybe you need to see a doctor." It must be for the fun of it.

Rachel said...

Totally loved Super Market sweep!

I caught our 15 month old eating a nectarine she somehow swiped without me knowing it. Nothing like buying a partially eaten piece of fruit.

The Beaver Bunch said...

Supermarket sweep? Oh my word. I LOVED that show! The way people would chuck huge hams into their carts. I wanted so much to be on that show. Wonder if it's still around?

We could go on it together?!? Though I think we might both get stuck on an aisle being able to look w/out distraction. Ha!

And crafts? I LOATHE crafts. Remind me to tell you what a friend of mine has to say about glitter. Ha. It always cracks me up.

Actually, I don't mind crafts if they're not messy, don't involve any liquids, sticky stuff, markers, glue or sand. Which basically everything.

Jen said...

I love the reality of this post...yeah...lately I only get to the grocery store w my little girls...which means if DH keeps having a crazy work schedule I will end up there with all the kids this summer....that is if we are gonna eat :)
Anyhow...we can do this. :)
It's just one day at a time, right? :)
Hope you are having a good one
Thanks for your good attitude!

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

Loved it. Sounds like such Fun! thanks for sharing Kate. It was nice to go there together again... I'm now having days where I can do the next thing and think of the two next things. Improvement!!!

Wilma said...

I love this post. My husband and I had to keep our son and DIL's 6 children when my son was very sick. I took all of them shopping a few times. Believe me I understand!

I also loved the face with the marker. They have 2 girls and 4 boys. The boys completely covered one with orange and blue marker. The only thing not covered was the area of his underwear! The parents tried their best to not buy markers or hide them. Seems like they were unsuccessful on this occasion.