Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boys Are The Opposite Of Girls. It's A Fact.

Sooo...Lincoln broke half of his front tooth off. Yep, cracked that thing right off after he preformed the king of all nose dives.

This boy. Is SO different. Than his sisters.

Today, after he almost knocked himself out by running into the refrigerator, and then insisted on chasing and then picking up bugs outside, I thought I could use a refresher of how different boys are than girls.

And I'm starting to think that the word "different" doesn't even do it justice.

So I went back and read through my field trip experience where I led more than my fair share of 1st grade boys around a museum. It was a good reminder :)...


I went on a field trip yesterday with Ella's 1st grade class to the Kid's museum. Yep,  with all 26 of them.

I thought if running around the museum wouldn't help labor along, at least the bus rides would. Goodness, I don't think that bus missed one pothole.

Go ahead and add potholes to the list of Things That Make Pregnant Ladies Pee.

I knew the moment I heard Ella and some other little girls singing a cute girly song, while the little boys in the seat behind me were yelling, "my butt is on fire, my butt is on fire!", that I was about to get a close up view at how different the 2 genders are.

(I had to turn and look out the window to try to hide my laughter as the teacher told them to stop yelling that.)

And while you would think it was full of learning about science and solar systems, I got to spend the day with a group of boys who taught me a few things.

1. Boys run, they don't walk. And they don't care about leaving you in the dust even though you're pregnant and waddling.

2. "Get in a straight line" somehow translates to "push each other over and act like you're throwing grenades."

3. While the girls play tea party at the water table, the boys will try to dunk each others heads. Repeatedly.

(note to self - its hard to correct and/or discipline them when you think what they're doing is hilarious as well. Insert parent chaperon fail here.)

4. Pointing at you with the fake gun they made with their hand and making shooting noises is sort of a sign of endearment.

5. They can go to the bathroom alone, unlike the girls in the group who have to go together. And they don't play in front of the mirror while in there. They get their business done, and they get out.

6. At lunch, they just eat. They aren't sitting down to chat with their friends about the 1st half of  their day, they are re-fueling, catching a quick breath, and then moving on. Why chat when you can play?

7. Sweating is just part of who they are, because they never stop moving.

8. They don't really want to ask for help, but when they do, it is so, so sweet.

9. The girls are clearly more interested in them than they are in the girls. They have bigger things on their plates, like saving the universe.

10. Bodily functions are a topic of interest, and apparently are hilarious as well. The more embarrassing, the better.

11. There is no drama with boys like there is with the girls. There is a disagreement, maybe a shove or a "stop it!!!", and then they carry on. It's wonderful.

12.Pregnancy doesn't interest them like it does the little ladies who have a million questions. One little boy summed it up well when he said, "Umm...Ella...I think you're mom is pregnant...or something." I'm pretty sure that was the nice way of saying, "Ella, your mom has put on some weight in the mid-section since the Christmas party."

Goodness, it was a small glimpse at what it's like to spend the day with such rambunctious little spirits.

Made me even more excited to watch our little guy grow.

So what else can you tell me about boys? What else am I in for, friends? :)


victoria said...

I could write pages on bodily functions being hilarious to boys! Girls need closet bars for clothing and have more then one pair of shoes at a time (sneakers in the fall, flip flops in the summer)....these are the things that I learned with my 4th child! But boys....lets see I have said parasheeting before right? Their rooms smell like locker rooms by the time they are 5, don't want their toenails trimmed or to brush there teeth. Tattoo bandaides are way better then regular, worms, toads and bugs way better then butterflies and flowers! And Legos....don't get sucked into the new Friends ones that look like Polly Pockets! Lego wands, light sabers, hands, arms and single ones make vacuuming an adventure every time!!

Boys are a fun new adventure, scary and smelly and gross but fun! I can not wait until you start the adventure called potty training a boy!!!! Grass stains=Tide Advance (blood too) and Fabreeze makes a great oder eliminator for the laundry! Though I am sure much of this is girls too...I am just not there yet as mine is only 3!

hdearth said...

I am where u are at but with Reagan. Boys are so different than girls. Boys was my normal so that all seemed natural to me but now Reagan throws me for a loop every day. She is so independent and high strung. My boys are so laid back and will still let me do everything for them. Also she is already showing signs of being a mother. It is just built in them. Some is just personality though. My boys were not fearless so never really got hurt that much. Nothing scares Reagan so I really have to be careful with her.

Lenae said...

Ha! I love it. So far our sweet girl is a surprising mix of her brothers' personalities, with a sassy touch of femininity :) It is SO funny to watch her run around with them, yelling like a banshee, waving her hands in such a decidely ladylike manner :)

And my boys? I love 'em. I don't understand 'em, but I love 'em :D

April said...

HAHA! :) As we speak, I am sitting here at my desk waiting to take my son to school and he's over behind me walking in circles while making noises and slinging his arms around like has a weapon or a shield or something. Being a boy mom is very different! :)

Steph said...

I apologize to Callum on a daily basis :)

I am a girly mom, tried and true.....and this boy thing has me at a loss!

Callum is still a laid back kid, and I hope it stays like that for a lot longer ;)....but, I won't hold my breath!

Steph said...

LOVE this post! All three of my boys are just like this....and when i substitute teach...that is when I realize just HOW different girls are...since I don't have any! Both are precious but the best thing about Drama!! And they LOVE their mommy!! :) Love your blog friend!

Thoughts for the day said...

Did I miss something? are you expecting another one?

Tammy M said...

this post is so real & true it made me seriously LOL here at work.. anywho... you can also look forward to the sounds of laughing after bodily functions (but if you raise him right, he will at least say excuse me)& you will soon find out that after boys are playing outside, they often have a scent which smells a lot like Hot Dog Water!! Have fun w/your boy... they are AWESOME!!! ; )

Lauren said...

I love reading this blog, but the title of this entry troubled me. Emphasizing and encouraging gender divides is something our culture and many others do all the time. I believe this to be potentially unhealthy and damaging for our little ones. We love to think boys naturally gravitate toward bugs and trucks and girls to dolls and princesses and preening. But these are things we teach them and push them toward. Do boys honestly have more energy, or are girls and boys simply taking cues from gender stereotypes on tv and in movies? I am not saying we need to offer our little boys a set of nail polish for Christmas or force our girls to play in the dirt, but I believe firmly that these vast "differences" between boys and girls are encouraged by the adults and much more frequently the ADVERTISING in their lives. Can we at least take some time out to focus on all the things we have in common? Do we want our girls growing up thinking their only important attribute is their looks? Do we want our BOYS to think that about girls?? Because I encounter evidence that kids of all ages (even grown-up ones) have accepted this stereotype. Do we want boys thinking violence is acceptable just because it is "normal" or "natural" for their gender?
People are very different. It's a fact. But we have alot in common and gender, race, sexuality, religion, hometown, weight and choices should not divide us but should unite us more deeply in equality.

(And I know you were not saying ANYTHING about boy-girl inequality. But emphasizing that boys and girls are opposite can lead to their believing in certain inequalities, whether or not they are conscious of it.)

Thoughts for the day said...

oh wait, boys are definately different than girls.
I have six grand children three grand daughters and three grandsons and they are all different.
They do not play the same, they do not think the same. There is a reason God made them different.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I definitely encourage our girls to be strong and independent...and true to themselves, not to who the world thinks they should be. And I will do the same with my boy :).

I do feel that God wired the two very differently, though. Like above said, I think God made us different for very specific reasons.

And no, I'm not expecting :).

Ruth said...

Haha! So true. I love having boys AND girls, just to experience the different "wirings" as you put it! =)

Thoughts for the day said...

oh Kate I just wondered, there were a few 'comments' about being pregnant and I thought is she telling us without telling us? :o)
God was so wise in creating both boys and girls and believe me, HE had his reasons. Love your blog and your little family too.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thank you SO much! You ladies will be some of the first to hear of a new babe :). Thankful for your sweet words!

*Katy* said...

this makes me laugh so hard! everytime I'm around little girls I remember how different my little guy is :) (btw, nosediving is his FAVORITE activity!)