Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year In Pictures

Could this year have gone ANY faster???

Thankful for our many blessings, our ups and our downs, our easy and tough lessons, our sweet half dozen, our fun and chaotic life, and for your friendships through this past year.

Hope you have a fun New's hoping I'm not asleep when the ball drops :)! Anyone have exciting plans?


Tiffany said...

This was so funny that after posting my "year in pictures" post, I look in my reader and there was yours! I love yours, so sweet. Love the photo of the girls holding your little man.
I'm hoping I stay awake too. I usually pass out at least an hour beforehand.
Happy New Year!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Too funny! Going to check yours out now :).

Ruth said...

Haha! I actually was asleep as the ball was dropping, and I really wanted to stay asleep... BUT I dragged my butt out of the papasan and down the basement stairs to go kiss my husband where he was partying with my family!

Happy 2012 to you, Kate!