Thursday, July 7, 2011

So I Will Make A List...

1. My days and activities have started running together. As in things are so busy that I keep finding myself saying, "is it Thursday? Friday? Are we in July? Have I showered?" I like to call it my "summer brain".

2. We made homemade chocolate granola and it is fab-u-lous, I'll share that recipe soon.

3. I started booking photo sessions again, I guess my maternity leave is over :). My 1st one was last week, and let me tell ya, I've missed it...

Getting to meet families and hearing their unique stories and paths that God is leading them's the best...

4. I am up to my eyes in plans for our local Mom's Night Out. It's so fun to plan it, but it will be MORE fun to get to the "night out" part :).

5. I haven't been to Target all week...maybe I'm not addicted! Or maybe I am, we're heading there a little later for diapers and coffee.

6. We are still spending most of our days at the pool, and we still love soaking up the sun there...

7. I'm thinking of cutting my hair. I only say that when it gets really hot. Which means I probably won't do it.

8. We are still searching for a big 'ol 15 passenger van. Try not to be jealous about how cool I will look rollin' around town in that thing. I am oddly picky about what I want though...but don't have the funds to be insanely choosy and you'd be surprised at how expensive these vehicles can we will wait till that perfect one comes along. You know, if perfection came in van form.

9. In case you're wondering I currently shove my whole 6-carseat-crew into an SUV. Remember at the circus when the little car pulls up and 100 people get out? Yea, we're kinda like that.

10. I have only been to the circus 1 time in my life because I DO NOT like any any time. There's a random fact about me that I'm sure you were all dying to know.

So anyway, we're off to run errands. Raya has said "mama" 43 times since I sat down to write this and that ususally means we need to get busy before someone looses her mind!

(that someone would be me)

Happy Thursday! 


The Beaver Bunch said...

We LOVE our 15 passenger. We keep the back bench seat out so there's LOTS of storage for my huge, triple stroller (that I also happen to love).

We got ours used, paid cash (with our trade in) and got a SUPERB deal. But we weren't being all that picky. Just 15 passenger w/ power windows and cruise.

And I love the circus. But, I mean, most days I feel like I live in the circus so there you go.

Anonymous said...

Awww! Sounds like a great Summer. Good luck on the van search.

Ruth said...

I just got my hair cut tonight! Last haircut was October, for my birthday, so I was long overdue. I just have a hard time paying $30 for a haircut, when that $$ would buy a whole box of diapers. No way could I get my hair cut every 6 weeks like we're "supposed" to! I should get it cut more than twice a year though because the pampering feels SOOOO good. (And a haircut lasts, unlike a manicure, which would be chipped off in 2 days!)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We, too, LOVE our 15 passenger van ... and we bought our first one when we "only" had 6 kids. (That would be 20 years ago. Oh my!)

Seriously, the Ford vans are the BEST. I have had multiple friends with the big Dodge vans and they have had a LOT of problems with them.

Buy USED, and you can get a MUCH better deal.

We bought our 1991 van in 1992 ... and drove it 185,000 miles before trading in for a 2002 van, in 2004.

We've done 3 cross country road trips in this van, and plan for a lot more. We've only got 120,000 miles on it, so it should last us quite a few more years.

Biggies for me: cruise control, power windows, front & back controls for heat & air, and the running boards under the door. That's about it.

Our last one had a sliding back door, our newer one has the double doors. I really like the double doors better.

Oh yes ... my Big Kids INSISTED that we NOT buy a white or silver one because "we are NOT a daycare". So, we had to look a bit further away to find a colored one, but we love our "Clifford the Big Red Van".

Can't wait to see what you find.

Laurel :)

Jeni said...

I can relate to #1 lately. Enjoyed reading this list. All the girls crammed in the SUV made me laugh. Good luck finding a van.