Saturday, September 11, 2010


is always good, right?

The girls work great together...


Until the older twins decide to roll around in the grass and fight over who is going to pull the wagon...

I guess maybe I could head over there and break it up.

But it's good for them to work it out on their own sometimes, don't ya think?? :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too funny. Love your new sidebar pictures.

bass family said...

haha! Glad my twins aren't the only ones who fight :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Yep ... good to let them work it out. :)

Teamwork is a very important skill to teach our children; and part of that training is allowing our kids to learn how to resolve their differences. Great job! Cute pics!

So glad to be home after our 5 week, 9,000 mile, Road Trip. Excited to catch up with all of my Bloggy Friends.

Hope you all are doing well!


Laurel :)

wonderchris said...

Love Kinley's wild hair in that pic...and her saying - Hey, who stopped the ride? :)

Your girls are so grown-up in those side pics!! They are all so beautiful!!

Joan said...

I read this title and I immediately starting singing the wonder pets song in my head! hehe

Schmanda said...

ha! =) read this short advice column article, which maybe you've already read, but i thought it might give you a laugh:

"Why Don't Friends with Kids Have Any Time?"

Jennifer said...

Love that this little ones are just sitting in their wagon watching the quarrel. I am sure that was entertaining for them!!