Friday, August 6, 2010

A Modern Eden Giveaway!!

It's Friday! How about a Giveaway from A Modern Eden??

Want to see our new favorite Poster?

And our new favorite Flash Cards?

The girls love both!

Want to grab a Poster & set of Flash Cards for your kiddos? Well, today you can!

How did I come in contact with A Modern Eden? I'm so glad you asked :)...

They were one of our many sponsors, and the location where we held The Ultimate Mom's Night Out (that took place last Thursday night), and it was SO fun! We had other fun companies involved like Old Navy, Chickfila, Lifestages, One to One Network, and CSN Stores - who sells everything from shoes to Twin Beds. Fabulous companies, every one of them :).

Now, A Modern Eden wants to give one of you one of their modern Posters and a set of Flash Cards as well! They are an amazing company, and their children's items are simply brilliant. See our Frog picture in our little "play area" in the basement? Isn't he cute? That is Webster the Frog, and he is the girls new favorite character...

So now you can enter to win one of their cool posters (they have 3 different ones!) AND a set of their amazing Flash Cards over at my Reviews & Giveaways Page! Hop on over and win!!