Thursday, April 29, 2010

(Everything Is Pink)

The cake, cupcakes, napkins, plates...everything.

It all has to be pink.

They insist.

More pics to come after their party on Sunday :)...

I'm looking for some fun party games or crafts - Anyone have some suggestions?


This Heavenly Life said...

Of COURSE everything is pink! It'll be perfect, and I can't wait to see all the details!

Katy and Ross said...

Well of course everything has to be pink! Are there really any other colors?

Looks like it's going to be a fun party!

Tina Michelle said...

My little Brijet is turning 4 next month and I am trying to plan her party too. Of course, everything has to be pink and princess!

You could print off color pages of princesses to color at the part or send home in goody bags. You could race. You could play ring around the rosy. You could put on some princess music (we have a cd that says princess music) and dance. One year we brought out all of our dress up clothes and had friends wear dress up clothes and played pretend.

I love planning parties! Once we got a big piece of light cardboard and I cut it to look like a crown that we could wrap around heads. We let the kids decorate with crayons, markers, glitter, glue, feathers and these foam shapes and then stapled them together so they fit as crowns.

I am still trying to figure out what to do for my little one that we have not done yet! one year I printed off a pic of my son and we played tape the cast on Chaz. (He had just had a cast removed from his arm so I just cut paper to look like a cast, blindfolded kids, and used tape to let the kids put it on).

Ainzley asked for a jump party for her 2nd bday so we played lots of jumping games and tried to jump higher than each other and so on.

I am full of past ideas but need to go work on new ones!! LOL Good luck and enjoy the party. Hope you all have fun and cannot wait for pics!!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Pink & Brown is very nicely achieved with pink things & chocolate!

There are strawberry whoppers....raspberry sherbet/7up punch....jr. mints....shoot, even ham sandwiches :)

Tiffany said...

"Pink is my signature color"- Julia Roberts, Steel Magnolias
I love pink and it's never too much.
You could play princess dress up and set out a trunk with dress up items, bows, ribbons, boas, tiaras, shoes and take photos. My daughter loved doing that at her 5th birthday party. Charades is fun and also a treasure hunt. I can't wait to do a treasure hunt for my kid's party.

bass family said...

can't wait to see more pictures :) I know the party is going to be fantastic! :)

wonderchris said...

At a craft store they have clear plastic tubes that you could fill with water and glitter for fairy wands. Or, make personalized placemats - those are fun. Or, have a day spa....where the girls get massages and painted toes. Or, a dress up like you mom theme. Or, make your own musical could make different shakers, or drums, or a neat xylophone with glasses of varying sizes filled with water.

Have fun!!

Marisa said...

I'm not much help, but
usually has some fun ideas. Hope you have fun!

Sarah said...

How about letting them decorate their own cupcakes with all sorts of crazy toppings.
I also saw someone who did a "candy shop" theme party. There were all sorts of different candies in apothecary jars with scoops and guests were allowed to fill their goody bags as they left.
Of course, you know the cheezier you make it, the more they'll love it!
We have my Ella's second birthday party this weekend...of course, I've done nothing to prepare! I figure it will be my last "classy" party before she starts requesting Elmo and princesses!

Fayra said...

You can try Search for a theme (i.e. princess) and then there is usually free craft and game ideas available online :) I used to work for them, great company :)

Elizabeth said...

Pink is an excellent party colour! I hope you have a great party girls and that you enjoy it all Mum & Dad.