Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Not Behind, I'm Just Taking My Time.

Or maybe I'm just in denial. Have you ever let the laundry get so behind that you thought it might be easier to just drag the baskets to Goodwill and buy new??? :)


Membership Required said...

If I had the camera near me I would take a picture of my couch with one or two loads on it of yet to be folded. But then I would have to take pictures of the laundry bin that still is yet to be touched. I have so been there...what am I saying I am so with you on this one sister.

four4now said...

I once got so behind that I dragged the baskets to a laundry service I had seen advertised it town.

It was shameful....and wonderful....all at once.

Clever blonde said...

Sounds like a good idea!!!