Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sooooo Close.....

Well, we have been to Labor & Delivery twice this past week. Once for contractions & movement issues, and once for high blood pressure. Both times the babies sounded great and our Dr. thought it was ok to let us come home. Last night we were there till 2am, needless to say, we are a little tired.....but so thankful that everything is ok.
I have another Dr. appointment on Friday morning to check everything out, dilation, blood pressure, swelling, etc. The plan for now is to make it as close to 38 weeks as possible. It is very likely that our Dr. will deliver the twins via c-section a week from tomorrow unless I am in labor before then. On Monday I was:
36 Weeks
Measuring 49 Weeks
I hope to get a good twin belly pic to post soon, I really want to get a couple more before I have the twins. Oh I can't wait to love on these babies!!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

It's a race! I have this sneaky suspicion you may have those twins before I have my lone baby. :-D Glad to hear all three of you are doing well! Keep us posted!

Membership Required said...

take it easy and keep us posted. Good luck and cant wait to see some pictures.

bass family said...

Yeah for babies!! Hang in there... almost time! And once you figure out how to juggle FIVE, I could use some advice on how to juggle FOUR :)

{The Christian's} said...

That is so exciting!! My friend had her triplets on the 5th! They are all doing well and should be home this weekend!

Keep me posted! I can't wait for the news. :)