Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Name Game

I will be back on with some pics later, the weather has been absolutely amazing after our little run in with IKE. Nice and cool, the way a pregnant woman likes it. For now though I need some girl names. We have been through almost every name list out there, and although we have some "front runners", we are still on the fence.

So what have you heard lately on the girl name scene? Any new ones out there? We would love to hear your favorites!!!


Aunt Maria said...

Well I am a savvy great grandmother,living in the country have 4 grown daughters, seven grandchildren and 10 great grand children. I have a name that is a part of my name and one great grand daughter and a great aunt also had this name. The name is MEZZIE. I do not know where the original name started but it was a long ways back.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I'd share but but I'm saving my two favs for us! ;-p

Membership Required said...

Brinley and Bennett is the two that I have heard lately for girls that I would consider.

Membership Required said...

what about Whitney, Tatum or Avery.
Just a few that came across my mind today. Hope you are doing well.